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Verified Reviews for Hamburgh (or Holland Fowl)

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proper good - Aaron,

proper good

Don't pen me in! - Solarbats,

No way does this bird like to be caged, so free-ranging in a large garden is a must, and even then there is a tendency to pick on other hens, even ones much bigger than themselves! However my Hamburgh is happy being handled. Also - mine is very noisy for her size - much worse than a cockerel most mornings.

beautiful & independent - Jjj,

If you live in the country, they just need space, but not an enclosure. I have 2 hens and a rooster. The rooster and hens stay put in the 5 ft. fenced area I have and they do not fight at all. They are not as friendly as my Silkies, but they mind their own business and love to forage. I've never seen them attack any of my other chickens and I have quite an array of breeds. I have the silver spangled ones - they grew up super fast and so far are easy keepers. We'll see about eggs in time.

good looking - Shauna,

These birds are very beautiful! They do not much enjoy being handled but make up for it with their stunning appearance!