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Wonderful absolutely wonderful - Alan,

I have to Poland hens that lay lovely banty eggs almost daily. One of the Ittzy taps on our French windows each morning comes in past our 5 dogs, gets into one of the dog beds, lays her egg and exits as tho it was the most normal thing in the world. Lovely hens so funny.

Lovely to see about the place - Viv,

I initially had two Poland ladies called Edna and Gladys because they looked as if they were "two ladies who lunch" who'd just got back from the hairdressers. They mix really well with the large fowl and there is certainly no sign of them being bullied. In fact they can hold their own perfectly well if things get a bit rowdy when the treats arrive. I've since bought eggs and hatched two chamois (one frizzle) three gold-laced, two silver-laced and am awaiting a hatch of white Polands. I'm in Somerset so perhaps can help Julie when the babies get a bit older.

Fab addition to our menagerie! - Kate,

Hi, I got 4 Polish bantam chicks last August and they started laying just before christmas 2009. I get 2/3 eggs most days and they are a good size! They are so much fun and so friendly. We now have to keep the back door shut, as my son taught them to climb the stairs and they are now keen to explore the bedrooms! They are fab, child friendly pets and always with us when we are in the garden or sat in the kitchen! My question is can they be kept with 2 silkie bantams, which my daughter is keen to get? I am new to keeping bantams and would appreciate any advice. I read all the mags but am not sure about adding another breed. Their welfare and happiness is of the utmost importance. They are very spoilt. Thank you kate

Fantastic - Julie,

I had three Poland's to my collection of garden chickens and they were fantastic, they were so friendly even my daughter (she is 20) who is frightened of her own shadow loved them. Their eggs were frequent and a good size. Unfortunately we had a visitor a few months ago so we only have Betty - our light sussex bantam and Milly/Molly our wyandotte bantam. But if you want a chicken full of character I recommend an Orpington they are so so funny. Looking to replace them all soon so breeders in Somerset get doing your thing!

just delightful !!!!!! - An Omleteer,

i have kept this breed for a year or two and find it to be a delightful breed ,full of a character. It is a excellent addition to any garden or smallholding ,and i would sorely recommend it to everyone

Just Brilliant....................... - James,

Mine are incredibly friendly and always eagerly await being let into the garden in a morning Highly recommended to anyone

Brilliant Birds - Bob,

I have a pair of Chamois (golden) Polish and they are wonderfull!! They totter around and come running when they see people and stand eagerly awaiting food! They do sometimes get bullied by bigger birds which can be a problem. I highly recomend them to anyone a they dont damage the plants or attack any other animals, they are amazingly placid! (P.S Hoping to get some more soon and strt breeding them! =-] )

Awsome friendly chickens with a fab afro! - An Omleteer,

I work at a farm that owns these amazing animals. They're sooooo friendly and lay tonnes of eggs. I would definatly reccomend a Poland for any garden with children. The hairdo....well what can i say its awsome. I do love the girls more than the boys as it can tend to look messy but they're both beautiful. I know one chicken called betty shes totall friendly and sits on my shoulder whilst i go around the farm. Its looks awsomly comical. I love these creatures. =] (btw i'm getting some soon so new blog on its way x)

Fun and very friendly - An Omleteer,

Get them while their young! Despite their crests Polands can see perfectly well. They are great layers, laying cream-white eggs. If you buy young Polands and handle them on a regular basis they will learn very quickly to trust you. Don't worry about wet crests they dry out quick. The Polish is an extremely hardy breed well suited for British weather. The only negative is that loose in a garden they can be tricky to keep up with.

Trio of Polands - An Omleteer,

I have a trio of Polands and they are a delight. Friendly, funny and contrary to an earlier review, I find they are excellent layers of good sized white eggs.

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