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great - Will,

I have recently got a Poland bantam cockerel. He is very well tempered and he is just like a pet. they are great around children

Real characters! - An Omleteer,

Polands aren't hard to keep (check their wigs for lice & mites regularly, not that we've ever found any) but do be wary about mixing with other breeds - they can't see upwards to get out of the way and can be pecked/bullied. But equally they are easy to pick up as they don't see you coming! Ours lay extremely well, and the eggs are of a very good size for such a small bantam. They are also rich in flavour. They twitter away, bob about all the time and are friendly once they are used to you. One of ours sits on your shoulder! Thoroughly recommended, particularly for children.

Sweetypies - Joy,

My polish are mixed with other varieties of chickens including standards and no problems at all, great temperament. Very small eggs

A good shy chicken - An Omleteer,

Poland's are incredibly friendly chickens but are very shy straight off. Be warned however that if kept with other breeds they will be bullied badly. They are very bad layers so don't be expecting vast quantities. A designer and child friendly breed only.

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