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           Was more like having a cat than a chicken

- Damian, 30 August 2014

My cochins would eat out of my hand and follow me around the garden and they always were ready to eat!

           Cochins are awesome chickens!

- Franziska, 19 May 2013

They are such friendly birds

           Very good chicken

- Elis, 10 March 2013

Very nice breed

           Perfect Backyard Bird

- Rosie, 13 February 2013

So tame, that you trip over them, great in large groups. Ever so gentle. Just a big bundle of fluff. Not a great amount of eggs, but quite a good size. My favorite breed.


- Roseanna, 10 May 2012

I own lots of cochin, both hens and cocks are friendly, okay they dont lay loags of eggs but make up for it with pretty and character....

           Love my Cochins

- Craig, 04 May 2012

My Cochins are just the best !! I find them a quiet breed not making to much noise at all . I find them great in the garden not scratching up and making a mess like my other chickens do . My cochins are friendly and very pritty birds , none aggressive , very happy with my other chickens if not a bit submissive with the other birds to be honest . They are a lovely looking fluffy all round georgous breed on the whole and i prefer them to any other breed and am looking out for more

           I love my Giant Girls.

- Heidi, 10 February 2012

The behaviors listed for the Giant Cochins are spot on. I would just add a couple more. They are nosey, very sociable and quite funny. When I am eating on the deck they spend the entire time, chatting with me and telling me that I should instead be sitting in their pen visiting. Also while it says they can live in a small space, they are a bit chatty and noisy. I am hoping that doesn't bother my neighbors, so I spend a lot of the time telling them to shush! Wherever I am in the yard, and they spot me they come running -- full on -- with their wings out to the sides. They look like flying pigs. I really recommend this breed, and am loving my hens, Knit and Purl. The two of them only lay 3 eggs a week, which is just right for my family of two people.


- Toula, 16 January 2012

Lovely chickens. Really easy to keep. feather feet arent a problem if not kept in enclosed run. Tame and friendly.


- Shawna, 10 June 2011

Just the best chickens i have owned

           Beautiful, loving,friendly breed, great family pet

- Naomi, 24 March 2011

I keep, show and breed poultry and cochin are defiantly my favourite they have a loving friendly nature are easy to manage and keep, they are by no means the best layers in the world but lay every other day on average. They are great with children and other pets and due to there large size they don't fly or need high fencing. They love to be pampered, bathed and cuddled. Due to there feathery feet they hate the mud, and don't destroy your garden.Hens make great broody mums. Only down side is that there feet do need extra care to stop them from getting mud balls, so the occasional foot bath in the winter may be needed! The best large fowl soft feathered all rounder.

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