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- Colin, 22 October 2013

The serama chicken is a lovely quiet is one of my favorite breeds and i have a few other breeds like vorwerk and marrans. they are the most hardy of all my chcikens that i have ever had and they are a great layers and lay most of the year except when they are molting. the serama ar the best broodies i have ever seen, in one year from start to finish most of my hens went broody 5 times but reared 4 broods of chicks each after the chicks have hatched about 3-4 week after the hens started to lay again i would highly reconmed you to keep serama chickens you can buy hatching eggs from them from ebay.

           Fabulous birds

- Ann, 11 October 2013

Serama's are the most beautiful birds to keep especially in a small garden. Mine are curious but friendly and quick to learn. Hens do go broody at the drop of a hat but make great mothers. Cockerels screech rather than crow!

           Gorgeous little birds!

- Glenys, 26 July 2013

Having kept large fowl before( Orpingtons and Jersey Giants ) nothing prepared me for these gorgeous little chickens! They are adorable and, if handled from a young age, SO tame. It is easy to see how, in some parts of the world, they outnumber cats and dogs as house pets. One of my girls has just started laying - tiny eggs, but one each day. They also appear to be more intelligent than your average chicken - or maybe that's just me being biased! All in all, a great little bird who will happily fly onto your arm/ shoulder/head for a cuddle!

           The smallest chicken with the biggest personality

- Debbie, 20 May 2013

Seramas are the sweetest little bantams. My cockerel has a huge personality and thinks he is bigger than he is. Seramas are no problem kept in a garden as long as they can't get to your vegetable patch. They do no damage at all and are great pest control - eating all manner of bugs including keeping my giant Hostas safe from marauding slugs and snails. They are great with children as they love to be cuddled and lap up attention. My brave little serama cockerel will happily chase my adult cat and my cavaliers away from any titbits I may have for them. It is hilarious to see such a tiny little chicken chasing a cat across the garden. All in all Seramas are great for chicken keepers with small garden and the eglu is the perfect home for these wonderful little birds.


- Peter, 07 May 2013


           Serama chicks

- Peggy, 27 August 2012

I love these tiny sweet natured chickens, I have 3 now, 2 hens and a rooster, I visit the breeder alot and will be getting more, they are very easy to handle and smaller then any bantam I have ever seen, they are a great egg layer, and although the eggs are small they are delicious, they will even sit and hatch their young if allowed, and can be legally kept as indoor pets up to 3 because they can go into a large bird cage with a nest box, and do well this way as well, the rooster has a quiet sweet crow and the hens are gentle and love to be held. pics available upon request. peggy in washington state

           Our 'Baby'Doll' white Serama

- Dorothy, 04 May 2012

A most delightful pet to have in the garden, wanders around quite content and happy with the other bantams. Easy to tame, and squats to be picked up and sit on your hand or arm, or perch on your shoulder. Lays a tiny white perfect egg. Retires much later than the other bantams. Charming pretty little bird.

           A Great Pet

- Alexandrea, 13 December 2011

Seramas are tiny, beautiful, sweet little garden ornaments i would recommend to anyone who wants a pet small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. A trio can live quite comfortably in less than a square yard and they are even fair egg producers for bantams of thier size! Though still a new breed, thier popularity as pets and show birds is growing quickly. Small, majestic, and surprisingly sturdy, they are one of the best breeds for kids!


- , 05 December 2011

I started with a pair of Serama and now I have over 30 of them. I can't bring myself to part with them even when I have been offered good money. Help I'm addicted to these delightful little gems!!!

           Excellent birds!

- CRAIG, 15 May 2011

I have a beautiful trio of these chickens, the cockerel is a black tailed white, a wheaten and a black hen. Excellent pets so very tame they fly upto me when I walk down to them, they do fly very well (like a pigeon!) one took off up a 30ft tree with out any effort, this is before they got used to roosting in the chicken coup. They live in a mixed collection of seramas, Pekins, silkies and large fowl red Sussex's (for the breakfast eggs!) thay all live very well together. The serama egg is tiny like unto themselves, around 18-22g. They do go broody but don't cover many eggs so this is why my Pekins take over! I get around 1 egg every day or every other day from my 2 serama hens. Over all great garden/pet/family chicken.

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