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           Vary friendly

- Anna, 16 March 2014

I had 8 white and fawn indian runners and i am vary happy with them, they are super smart, and friendly, 2 of them even liked to snuggle. they all won blue ribbons at the fair, too. this is a nice 1st breed to have because they dont fly.

           Friendly, calm content ducklings

- Laura, 25 August 2010

Service was brilliant, we were able to pick them up pretty much straight away. There was no hassle, ducklings have settled very much into their new home. We were able to see the mum and dad which was nice to see where they came from as well. We would definitely buy from this seller again.

           Indian Runners

- Tom, 26 July 2010

I have had my ducks for about 5 to 6 years now. My females do not seem to be laying too grandly for some reason! They are usually very nice, calm and relaxed . I also find them very lazy! Since I breed them I have a lot of knowledge on them, but I must say that they are easy to breed. THEY LOVE WATER

           Friendly little girl

- Alan, 30 June 2010

A lovely duck which brings a smile to everyones face that sees her, she mixes great with my Aylesburys and Campbells, wish I could get another but cannot find anyone where I live (North Northumberland) that I can collect from.

           Bossy sociable ducks

- Tess, 21 December 2009

I have 1 runner duck she lives happily in my group of 5 call ducks and bosses them about alot. They take longer to tame than other breeds and can be quite nervous however after a few weeks they will eat out of your hand and waddle over to you. They love eating bugs and are quite greedy. They can be smelly if not regularly cleaned. She only quacks when startled or hungry and mostly she is quiet.

           My lovely duckies !

- Caz, 31 August 2009

I have only had my indian runners for two months, but i absolutely adore them ! They are very inquisitive birds and like to be in on the action, whether it be following me whilst I feed the quails or bantams or sitting close to my legs when I am out on my bench having a cuppa. They are friendly, quite shy but sooo comical ! they enjoy a swim and follow each other in circles, ducking and diving . They drum on the side of their door to be let out or in and always follow each other in a line whether running, walking or sitting down . I love them !

           My indian runner

- Alex, 18 August 2009

She is quit shy and not very noisy and goes threw a stage where she doesn't lay and then she lays every day for about 2 or 3 days on a run there realy good to watch walking around.

           The Loveable Indian Runner Duck

- Ange, 25 February 2009

I have the pleasure of owning several breeds of duck. Non are as endearing as my little runners. They were not my favourite breed and indeed i didn't think that they were the best looking but over the years they have earned the place of favourite. They are brave little ducks they are always upfront in any situation, first for food, first to the rattle of a spinach bag.=) They are true forages and will inspect every nook and cranny of the garden. They are quick on their feet and do not hang about if alarmed. They are good natured birds and will never be involved in any squabbles that take place. It is said that runners are quiet happy to have just a bowl of water to cover their heads. This may be true of the majority but my birds enjoy a swim as much as any of the other breeds i own, their just a little more patient. They will wait till all the other birds have been in the pool and then in they have their turn and they love it.=) Runners do need room to excersise they are more athletic than the other breeds and whilst my alyesburys are resting having had to walk from the food dish to the water trough the runners are busily going about duck business. Their eggs are plentiful and if allowed to sit make lovely and committed parents. They are not the hardiest of breeds but if taken care of properly they will thrive and give you great pleasure. There needs are few Drinking water = clean and fresh daily A dry straw bed = out of drafts Strong and secured housing = free from foxes plentiful food supply = clean never mouldy A paddling pool = cleaned regularly space = to play in provide the above and they will warm your heart and make you smile. xx

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