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- Lyudmila, 04 July 2013

When piggies have a good diet they dont need vmitian supplements. if you use drops etc in the water or food they may nt eat/drink it as it changes the flavour you also cant tell if the piggies is getting enough, if you feed a slice of green bell pepper (no stems or seeds) a piece of brocolli or some corriander along with 2 or 3 other types of veggies the piggy will get enough vmitian c. also some shops will tyr and sell you mineral and or salt block piggies dont need these either. please get 2 piggies they are social creatures and should be kept in same sex pairs.


- Hope, 06 April 2013

Abyssinian are beautiful and friendly but are very shy natoured animals.It just so happen's that i have my very own abyssinan also a sheltie howerer many people are atrackted to my abysssinian.We show them 5 times a year 2 are very big ones.we have are first show of the season in two weeks we win a lot whith are abyssinain the judjes and normal people love him say hes the star of the show stays still when photos are taken all in all great breed

           A brilliant breed of guinea pig

- Beth, 15 January 2013

Guinea pig breeds are mainly about appearance and coat so the friendlyness of guinea pigs is usually what you make it and so should not vary in accordance to breed. I personally think that this breed is very pretty and their extra thick coat is useful if they need to keep warm. It is well known that it is tricky to get a "perfect" one and I think that even the mixed breed versions of this breed can be very charming and have their own unique personalities and quirks as well as their own likes and dislikes, especially in food.

           All good

- Brittney, 18 December 2012

I have a 6 week old guinea pig so fluffy and cute loves just to lay on my lap she just stays there


- Yguu, 07 April 2011

           Abyssinians are the best!

- Claire, 16 September 2010

I have 7 pigs, an aby, an aberuvian, a sheltie, a ridgeback, a short haired and two rexes. I've got to say, our two and a half year old aby, Pheobe, is the best personality! She can be fiesty, not always wanting to be held, but other times she just loves a fuss! You have to be guided by the individual pig I guess. But I'd say Abyssinians are the brightest, chattiest pigs and I hope I always have one as I truly believe they're the best breed of pig! Our Aby hasn't been in the best health as she keeps on having lumps and growths, but she's come through the op to have them removed remarkably well and remained upbeat after. Apparently they're prone to cataracts? I don't know about that one though. Abys are definately happy, chatty pigs. I totally adore them!

Tartuffe, 13 May 2010

Correction to the original information. Tort & White are red, black and white patches - if there is absolutely no white they are tortoishells (most commonly referred to in abysinnians as brindles) in smooth coated varieties they are two different breeds. It is not only roan abysinnians that should not be bred together - this safety rule also applies to any cavy that shows roaning or the dalmation spotting in it's coat. Both roans and dalmations have present a gene which in it's double form (if mated together) can cause offspring to have deformaties and abnormalities. This gene cannot be carried, so if bred to a non roan or non dal the resulting babies will be a roan or a dal if they look like one or not a roan or dal if they do not look like one! Abysinnians are usually great characters, noisy and very 'interactive' - they make great family pets.


- Countrysidecavies@hotmail, 11 July 2009

My aby's tend to take it upon themselves to become friendly. They like cuddles and food and are also very placid with other piggies. Their coat doesn't ned special care and they are a wonderful first piggie.

           LOVELY LUIGI!!!

- William, 08 June 2009

I have a ginger abyssinian called Luigi and he is so cute. They are the healthiest I think because my guinea pig has never been ill. He is so funny and I could not wish for a better and perfect breed of guinea pig. I love him so much and he is a spoilt little baby but he is treated well which is why he is so healthy. As long as you treat them nicely they will be fine. They will need lots of attention, love, toys and obstacles to play with. I really would recommend an abyssinian definitely. Guinea pigs are the pet to get if you want a nice furry friend! :D

           Perfect Piggies!

- Eglu, 05 May 2009

I love these little piggies! I have never actually owned an abyssinian but i know two people who have had these great piggies and they loved them. DEFINATLEY RECOMEND!!!!! They are tame vocal beautiful sweet natured amusing, sweet little guys! Im sure anyone who has one of these guinea pigs would agree with me! I am definatley going to get some one day!

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