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Choosing a Budgie

If you're thinking of buying a pet parakeet, the first things to ask yourself - or whoever the budgie is for - are: Why do you want the bird? Who will look after it, clean it, and talk to it? Have you - or they - kept a pet parakeet before? Is there a suitable location for the cage, away from direct sunlight, cold spots, and busy kitchens?

After addressing these issues, talk to other parakeet owners or breeders, check out the Omlet Budgie Guide and other online resources, ask questions in online forums, and generally become a bit of a parakeet nerd before choosing your pet.

Blue cobalt budgie parakeet
A splendid male budgie of the Blue cobalt variety

All parakeets look beautiful, whatever plumage they have, but there are more important things to bear in mind than color. How old is the budgie? Is used to human company? Is it male or female?

The rest of this section of the Guide, and the sections on budgie keeping and budgie cages that follow, will equip you with everything you need before your pet parakeets are brought home.

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