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Before you attempt to breed your pet hamsters, consider where any offspring are to be housed. Will you keep them yourself? Do you have other homes lined up for them to go to? Syrian hamsters can have 10 to 12 babies at a time, and by 28 days they must be separated from their mother and the sexes split.

Instead of breeding your hamsters, why not adopt another one from a shelter?

With a pair of Dwarf hamsters, a litter of six to eight may be produced every 18 to 23 days. You'll soon be overrun if you don't plan this properly.

If you are still interested in breeding hamsters, the best thing to do is to speak to other breeders. Your first point of contact, if you don't know where your local breeders are, should be a hamster society or show in your home State. Or just surf the web - it's what it was meant for!

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