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Hamster Bedding

For the pros and cons of the different types of commonly-available bedding, take a look at the How Much Is Hamster Bedding page of this Guide.

Hamsters love to burrow, tunnel and rummage in their bedding, so he’ll love it if you put lots of it in the enclosure. This gives the hamster something stimulating to occupy his time. It also makes the space warm and cosy, soaks up the waste, and makes things much easier when it comes to cleaning the cage.

A hamster's bedding is an important part of his environment

Using a light-coloured bedding makes it easy to see any blood, enabling you to spot problems – the result of illness or injury – as soon as they occur. If you do spot blood in the bedding, give your hamster a health-check. Small nicks and cuts can be treated at home, but other injuries or blood in the urine, or around the rear end or genitals, means a trip to the vet.

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