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Hamster Accessories

There are many hamster accessories to choose from, from mobiles and ladders, to chews and play logs, and of course the ever-popular hamster exercise balls. These toys can all enrich your hamster's life, providing a mixture of entertainment and good health. Your choice of accessories will be dictated by the type of cage you own, to a certain extent, and also by the species of hamster you own. In general, the greater the variety of stimulation you offer your pet, the better.

There are many different accessories, toys and treats to liven up your hamster's day - but the hamster ball is the classic!

One great way of bringing fun to your hamster's day is to give him a hamster treat dispenser - a type of chew in which the pet needs to gnaw his way to the treat within. These will help your hamster keep his teeth at the right length, too.

These are the basic categories of toy and accessory, all of which can be bought in a good pet store. Many can be made at home, alternatively.

  • Hamster Chews and Gnaws
  • Tunnels and Bridges
  • Mobiles
  • Play Houses
  • Play Logs and Tubes - with treats hidden inside
  • Food Sticks
  • Hamster-friendly foods and treats
  • Mineral licks
  • Ropes for climbing
  • Hideaways
  • Digging towers
  • A Hamster Wheel - hamsters should always have access to an adequately sized wheel, so while it's not an add-on accessory as such, we've included it on this page as a little reminder.

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