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Should I get a hamster?

Considering a hamster?

Hamsters are great first pets for older children ready for more responsibility, or for adults that are in search of a small, low-maintenance companion. If you’re still on the fence on whether or not you should get a hamster, read on to find out how much care they require, as well as the cost and time you can expect to invest in their care. And, once you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ll share our expert tips on selecting the perfect hamster for you. With the right support, keeping a hamster is easy and enjoyable for nearly everyone.

should I get a hamster
Like any pet, hamsters require some regular care

Omlet and your hamster

With the right hamster cage and accessories, you’ll be able to confidently and conveniently care for your small pet. From wheels that get your hamster's mind and legs in gear, to playpens that allow you to get closer than ever to your small friend — caring for your hamster has never been easier or more fun.

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