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Submit a photo, we'll pay you!


Take a photo of yourself, family or friends using one of our products. The person and product must be clearly visible in the photo. Have a look at the photos on the right to see examples of good and bad images.


After that, send us the photo using the form below. All you need to do is make sure that your photo is at least 500px wide and 400px high, in JPG or PNG format and under the maximum size of two megabytes and then upload it by clicking the browse button below and selecting the photo that you want to upload.


We'll have a look at the photo and if we use it, we'll transfer £1 to your Omlet Account and send you an e-mail with the good news. You can use the funds in your Omlet Account to learn something new on an Omlet Course, pick up an exotic breed from the Marketplace or buy yourself that special little something from our shop.

Good Examples

Good Examples

Bad Examples

Bad Examples

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