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Verified Reviews for 3ft Run Extension for Eglu Go

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Great addition to the Eglu Go - Sarah, Somerset,

Just purchased this item and built myself fairly easily with the aid of the pictures. Just wish Eglu could add simple close up pictures with a few words, to facilitate building. Chickens were in the extra metre before I'd even completing building it, so they are very happy with it.

The reviewer has 2-4 Silkies pets

'Go' run extension - Rand,

Usually our hens roam the garden, but with avian flu precautions we're supposed to be keeping them in. Bought the extra metre to give them a bit of space. With a cover over the top of the run to meet the DEFRA requirements it seems to do the job and the hens seem to be happy enough. Extension a bit on the expensive side for what it is perhaps, but does what it's supposed to do.

Expensive for what it is but essential - Clare,

This is a good quality product. Expensive for what it is but you really do need it; the run is so much bigger with it. Fitting instructions are good. If you end up with 2 rigid metal L-shaped brackets (that do not appear on the instructions), they're to add more security to the anti-tunnel skirt. A tip with the run clips: Use a 2-pence coin to effortlessly open them when dismantling the parts of your existing run, and when you 'add' the clips, prise them gently apart, facing away from you. Hook them over the two parts you need to clip together, them spin them around to face you before squeezing them shut

First class product - Clff,

EGLU Go UP with extension and additional 1metre extension is quite heavy to move around and so I decided to make a fixed site and followed the instructions. The conversion Imp to metric are wrong. If you fill in the bedding and then push the coop into place the skirt pushes the bedding out of place

Eglu go run extension. - Gill,

Fitted easily and did make a big difference to the size of the run.

A bit expensive but works well - Nigel,

Initially sent without the clips, but a set of clips was sent out promptly when reported.

Expensive but you need it - Jenny,

I bought this immediately after constructing the Eglu Go with the standard run. With the standard run the set-up looked too small, the run extension made a massive difference - looks like it doubles the amount of space because it's wide. I'd add more if I could but I've run out of space!

run extension - Janet,


Fabulous addition for our 3 ladies! - Amanda,

Absolutely delighted with our recent purchase for our 3 hens. What it has also unexpectedly added was height too. We agree that it does seem quite expensive for relatively little overall but having extensively explored other options to try to make the run longer it made perfect sense in the end and it was very easy to add. Quickly delivered too and we added the heavy duty cover to our order which covers the full length of the original run and allows the new section for a bit of big sky!! Happy hens! Thanks.

Re eglu go extra run - Carole,

The extension for my eglu go is fine but is a little fiddle to add on to existing eglu go. With hindsight would have gone for another eglu classic as they are easier to clean out and collect the eggs .

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