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Verified Reviews for Bolster Dog Bed - Medium - Midnight Blue

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Brilliant beds but OMG the fights it caused….. - Susan, Kent,

Bought a small bolster bed for our petit youngest springer spaniel and she loves it, unfortunately so did the considerably larger older springer and the cat and that’s when the fights started…. So we bought a second bed, but a medium this time…. The cat loved the medium so both dogs ended up squabbling over the small one…. So we bought another medium…. The cat took over the new medium and the dogs squabbled over the small and the medium….. eventually this was resolved by new covers and moving the furniture to put the small bed in the cat’s preferred location (near the door so he can pounce as you walk past) so he is now comfortable in the small bed and the dogs don’t squabble over who has the smaller one….peace once again and 3 happy pets!!

Bolster Dog Bed - Mary,

After watching the 'how to assemble' video, the lovely dog bed was made and installed. It is of a very high quality and design. My dogs now have a luxury bed to relax and sleep on. I would highly recommend this product.

The reviewer has 1 Border Collie x Gold pets

Great product & Great Customer service - Vanessa, Essex,

Purchased a Memory foam Bolster dog Bed - Medium - Midnight Blue. The bed arrived by the date advised. It was simple to assemble and looked really good. Unfortunately when I open the wooden legs for the bed a couple had hairline cracks along the grain, I advised Omlet of the issue and they were great and organised replacement ones which arrived in a couple of days. Super friendly service. Best if all, My dog Lolly (Shar pei cross) loved it especially the bolster cushion to rest her head on…. Perfect!

The reviewer has 1 Shar Pei cross pets

Superb quality and style! - Angela,

We purchased this bed for our cockapoo who is 15 months old. He absolutely loves this bed! What works so well is the support he gets around the bed where he loves to rest his head and have a sleep. We are delighted with the quality, cost and overall look of the bed! Could not recommend highly enough

The reviewer has 1 Cockapoo pets