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Verified Reviews for Bungee Hooks Pack of 6

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Strong and Useful - Jozette,

The bungee hooks pack of 6 are very useful so get extra! The bungees are very strong and simple to use. I have many bungees holding down a tarp over my Eglu cube run.

The reviewer has 4-6 Easter Eggers pets

Sturdy hooks - Lenore,

I bought the bungie hooks as a precaution for the heavy duty cover. We live in hurricane country and water to be prepared for all kinds of weather. They are very sturdy and I may not need them because the cover comes with the same sturdy cords, but better safe than sorry.

- Susan,

These are perfect! Just what I needed to get my coop secured up for winter!

Bungee Hooks Pack 6 - Deborah,

Arrived quickly and in good shape. Happy with purchase.