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Verified Reviews for Clear Tarp for Eglu Cube - 3ft

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good does what it says on the tin ! - Sarah, Yorkshire,

This is a good product it covers one side and the top of the run it does get quite a bit of condensation but it is clear and in the darker days is keeping the run dry and the light in which I want I will probably buy another although there is a gap which the cover doesn't cover

Excellent - Claire,

These heavy duty clear covers are perfect. They keep the chickens dry while letting the day light in. Great product and worth the money.

fantastic! - Cricket,

Now the chickens, and that part of the run, keep dry. AND I can still see them from the house. Hurrah!

just right! - Cricket,

Hurrah! Now my hens are protected from the elements (which the old covers did perfectly well), AND I can also see what they are up to under the cover.

Really pleased with this! - Susan,

I do not have an eglu but i bought this cover to go over my run attached to my wooden hen house. It really has helped to keep the ground dry and protect my chicks from the winds. It is very strong and attaches easily to the mesh with the bungees so no flapping covers! I have purchased more of these ready for the winter and have also used them to attach to the side of the run for extra protection if rain is blowing in! My pekin chicks are very happy and have nice dry feet!

Does the job - Alisa,

It keeps the cooks dry and out of the wind, very pleased with the cover. My only critasisium is it could be a bit longer to just cover over the otherside another 8 inches or so and slightly wider I bought two shades and it is 10 inches short of covering the run.

Clear Cover - Kevin,

Great product does eggactly what it says on the packet. Keeps the chickens dry from all the summer rain, and also the run area does not become muddy. VERY GOOD.

Clear Cover for Eglu Cube - Unwin,

This is much better than the (2) all weather shades that I have bought before. It lets lots of light into the run and makes it easier to see what is going on in there. It is also waterproof, so my chooks don't mind venturing out in the worst of weathers. It is also very easy to attach. Love it!

At last a see thru shade - Jenny,

this shade gives shelter from the rain in the winter or summer but lets the light thru obviously,which is good for my girls cos when its windy they get all the light or sun if theres any going as well if al that makes sense ,but a good product all round

Really Rather Good! - Sarah,

I don't have an Eglu but i brought this product to cover an extension on my run. It's been raining for 2 weeks solid and my run is still mud free, It's made such a difference. Thanks Omlet.

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