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Verified Reviews for Clear Tarp for Eglu Cube - 6ft

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Great protection - Geri,

This cover provides great protection from the wind and rain, however it is a nuisance when it is covered in condensation first thing in the morning - hope it doesnt rust the run.

as described! - Susan,

Item as described on website.

Eggcellent!!!! - Chennelle,

Brilliant...keeps the girls lovely and dry now in their cube. Also lets in much more light and they now stay out longer as its much brighter than the green cover. I would agree with Gardiner as in there could be extra eyelets on the long sides to maybe make it more secure. But a brilliant product and would definetely reccomend it...

Billiant - Melanie,

Works really well. Has stopped the rain and wind from howling in to the run and kept the snow off the hens this weekend. Far better than the bits of plastic I had assembled and tied onto the run before.

Great! - Lynn,

I think these new clear covers are great and so do the chooks. They're much brighter and my girls stay out much longer. They keep them dry and I bought two so they cover the sides to and are real protection from wind. Excellent product. Have bought for my classic too.

Well worth the money. - Lucy,

I have found this shade much better than the green winter shade due to the fact that it lets the light through the coop as the green one tended to make the inside of the run a bit dark. The plastic is very thick and well made. The only fault i have found is that the cover is slightly shorter than the run by a few ,even so it is worth the money.

Clear winner! - Samantha,

Purchased 4 of these to cover my huge extended cube run, to make a much lighter area for my girls when they have to be confined to the run. We've had a lot of rain the last few days and these have stopped the rain from driving in and has kept the bark on the floor of the run dry. Nice thick plastic. Obviously not sure how long they will stay clear (could get discoloured by the sun) or how long they will last, but would imagine they could endure a good few winters. As our run is up against a hedge these provide good protection.

Excellent - Gardiner,

Excellent product, keeps chickens lovely and dry when wet, but still allows light in. There could be an extra eyelet on each of the long sides for a better fit.

Good, but could be bigger - Fiona, Northamptonshire,

I agree with Lisa. I fitted my clear shade this morning and found it a bit smaller all around than I'd like. However, it certainly is waterproof, whilst letting in plenty of light. I'm interested to see how durable it's going to be though, especially if the winter is as cold and snowy as last year.

Clear cover for cube is superb - Marilyn,

I purchased the clear cover for the cube, It's great it keeps the girls dry and lets in lot's of light. Much more suitable than the green cover as it's much stronger material which does not allow the rain to drip through it. Nice one Omlet!

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