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Verified Reviews for Connection Kit for Outdoor Pet Run - Eglu Go UP with Run

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Much easier than I expected - An Omleteer, Essex,

We’ve had our walk-in run for over a year and decided to extend and I was expecting it to be a nightmare to connect this 2nd coop but it was a doddle

extension kit - John,

what more do you want, simple to build and does the job, great kit

The reviewer has 2-4 3 pets

Simple to change - Wells,

This was on backorder and took a few extra days to come in. It was easy to swap out the doors of the Go Up to the connector kit. No gaps for the girls to get out or for predators to get in.

Does the job - Oliver,

It's great to be able to attach our Eglu Go Up run to our new 2x2x2 walk-in run. I've dropped one star as the gap between the new and the old runs is fine for chickens but very small for a human to crawl through (to get in to the Go Up run for cleaning etc.).

Omlet connection kit and walk in run - Lynda, Glos,

I'm really happy with my purchase, I managed to put it together on my own. I feel my chickens are much safer and content. Worth the money.

Eglu Go Up Walk-in Run Connection Kit - Helen,

Does the job fine and was fine to install. Just slightly disappointed that the opening is not the height of the original Go-up run opening as this would have made access to the original run area easier, and would have allowed me to shut the chooks in the original run if necessary. However, overall, it is a great idea to be able to connect the original run to the new walk-in run.

Omlet Says: I have passed this feedback onto our design team and our directors for them to take into consideration when making any changes to the design. Thank you for your review!

Connection Kit for outdoor walk in run - Mary,

I found it a little fiddly to connect up as the ground is not completely flat. However, it is fitted and works well