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Verified Reviews for Coop Light - Automatic Chicken Coop Door

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Coop Light - Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Norma,

Automatic Chicken door has been reliable in opening in the morning light and closing to darkness. I installed the door when I assembled my Omlet 2. Assembly instruction were excelIent. followed the directions provided in English and was able to set up the automatic opening and closing of the door. I have the controls outside on the wiring. Survived rain, wind and ice, and continues to work well. I like being able to check on battery life easily. The coop light I purchased 2 months later after installing the Coop door. Directions provided I easily installed the light. Plugging it in to the Automatic coop door was easily done. What a great idea having one control to both the door and light work to together. The light is bright enough to see in the coop and shuts off automatically.

Coop light - Angelo,

Love the coop light only thing I recommend is to make the cord longer . I exstended mine a extra 20 ft and it works great !

Does the job, and fabulous customer service - Matt,

This is my second coop light, the first one had a slight problem after a few months which was immediately replaced by Omlet with question or hesitation. The light is easy to install and doesn't seem to impact the battery life of the door closercat all. Well worth the money and highly recommended.

good product, happy with purchase - Deborah, Maine,

very easy to install and program. I have it set on manual right now but will use the auto feature when it gets closer to winter and shorter days. When I put the light on, the chicks wastes no time going in for the night!

Auto Door & light - Macinnes,

The auto door was the second best chicken related product, after the chickens. No more jumping out of bed at first light to let them out. All I need to do now, is trust the girls have gone to bed. Maybe omlet should do a camera. I would suggest you buy the light as well, I wished I'd bought it at the same time.

BEST Coop door - Michelle,

This is the most amazing coop door ever..easy to hesitation from my girls using the light that comes on before it that it runs off batteries and not solar or electrical..finally peace of mind if I'm out of coop door out there..especially with the safety features

Great product - Juan,

This thing is great don’t have to go out at dawn and lock the ladies up anymore automatic door close every time I set mine on time mode light goes on a couple of minutes before door closes!!

Coop Light - Mary,

Excellent product. The light calls my chickens in for bedtime. Light comes on at dusk, chicken get in coop, AutoDoor closes and it’s night, night for the day.

i wouldant be without it - Bob,

it is all good i cannot fault the products in any way you dont have to mess with string like on most coop doors and the omlet coop door and light is fantastic and i know my chickens are safe to me best product going many thanks omlet

Help with winter blues! - Claire,

Got this coop light to help my girls through this very dark period! As it is also compatible with my door. Bonus! it is a real help!

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