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Verified Reviews for Egg Skelter 24 - Cream for Small to Medium Eggs

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Egg shelter - Angie,

Excellent item great service thank you

Does what it's supposed to. - Kevin,

This is a great way to keep your fresh eggs. Our only issue is that sometimes our eggs get turned sideways and don't want to travel down. Otherwise it does what it is supposed to and makes sure you are eating the oldest eggs first.

Good talking point - Richard,

My chickens are bantam, so the eggs do not roll perfectly, and need a push

Looks good - An Omleteer,

Does exactly what I wanted it to. Stores eggs in a rather unusual but practical way. Okay, so some eggs don't role down the helter skelter on their own but it still beats leaving them in their box!

Only for small eggs - Sue,

I am happy with the quality of my egg skelter and it is great for making sure I use my eggs in date order, but only the smallest eggs roll along it, any weighing more than approx 50g get stuck under the upper bars. I have also found that if it is holding less than 7-8 eggs it overbalances and leans forward.

Looks great, works well, not cheap! - Ruth,

Great idea that works well for keeping your eggs in date order. Eggs don't generally roll down the skelter very well & when they do they sometimes get cracked on impact!! I have medium & small egg skelters for my normal size & bantam eggs but to be honest could have managed with only the one size skelter as there's not much difference in size. For what they are I think they are on the pricey side, but the plus is that they look good & make keeping your eggs in date order ridiculously easy! Overall a good buy

my bantam eggs can't roll down this skelter.. - Hannah,

It does look great when fully loaded with lovely eggs. This is the smallest one and I assumed it would be great for my Pekin bantam eggs. However, as they are varying degrees of small they can't roll down the skelter resulting in eggs falling out and breaking! So sad lost five eggs to the helter skelter. So now I take them of from the top which is the reverse of what it is meant for! However, I can't risk losing any more precious eggies. Perhaps they should make a smaller one for the small bantam eggs ? Sadly didn't work for my Peking bantam eggs and is used as 'display only'

Great gadget - Splicola,

Looks impressive and easy to keep track of order of eggs but can be difficult to take eggs off without breaking others down the line as they roll down and smack into each other. Bascially, the husband isn't allowed near it!

This looks cool! - Sally,

Great egg skelter. I was unsure which to buy as we have 3 hens who all lay different size eggs. I bought the small / medium and it's perhaps a bit small for the largest eggs, but perfect for our eggs from our other 2 chickens. Just one word of warning, sometimes the eggs get up quite a 'roll' so it's worth protecting the egg that they are rolling towards!!

Entertaining and Useful! - Becca,

This is a wonderful product that has been a very welcome addition to our kitchen. The children love the entertainment of seeiing the eggs roll down, and I always know I'm using the freshest eggs. Really good quality. Highly recommended.

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