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Verified Reviews for Eglu Cube Feeder - Green

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Feeder and drinker - Andrew,

Well made products in attractive green colour.. They keep the feed dry easy to fix on the run, my girls love them.

So much better than the old one. - Shirley,

This feeder keeps the food dry, and is easy to attach to the run.

Great - Heather,

Good strong feeder easy to clean doesn't tip up and it holds a lot It's a big thumbs up from my chucks .would recomend

Excellent item - Rachel,

My little girls love their new feeder. Bright, easy to clean and top up but best of all is that the food stays dry in the rain.

Lots of room for many heads being greedy - Lee,

The chickens love the new feeders ! We got 2 and a stand for them. The chickens have lots of room to eat with the new large holes in the feeder ! Great upgrade on the Omlet Classic Glug & Grub !

the whole eglu system works a dream - Brian,

The eglu cube and the feeders and drinkers work beautifully together, I wish I had invested in a cube years ago, I am able to feed and water the birds quickly and cleanly. I am also able to move the whole thing across the orchard with minimal aggravation, if you keep hens you must have an Omlet at the outset to reduce the work and stress of keeping them safe

brilliant new design - Carole, Derbyshire,

This feeder is so much better than the old design, it has no gaps for food to get trapped in which makes cleaning difficult also the wider opening makes it better for cockerels with large combs to gain access to the food without getting their comb stuck which one of mine did with the old feeder which resulted in him pulling it off the stand and running round the garden with it stuck on his head. Would definitely purchase more of these feeders.

Iglu feeder - Yvette,

Wow fast delivery, received this today and chickens are loving it, I have one girl who loves to make a mess and so far she hasn't succeeded, so happy chooks and happy me.

GREAT for the WIR! - An Omleteer, KENT,

I bought this time to fit my straight sided WIR panels and it works beautifully. The old Go UP feeder tilts back slightly on a straight sided panel, and the chicks have a hard time getting to the food unless it's filled up which results in a lot of wastage. Grub holds plenty for my 3 hens and the nice wide access holes can fit 2 friendly hens at the same time! Only thing is it's rather difficult to hand wash. I stick it in the dishwasher then wipe dry and leave it for a bit - that does the job! Great item!

New Feeder - Megan,

These feeders are great, no clip-on lid like the previous ones - all in one piece, so easy to fill and to clean AND my girls love them!

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