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Verified Reviews for Eglu Cube Feeder - Purple

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No spillage - Fiona,

Hooks easily on to the grid of the walk in cage. Our young bluebells have an awful habit of kicking over any container in the run, leading to a lot of spillage. This has solved the problem completely, plus the feed remains dry. They didn't take any time at all to get used to it. Another well designed Omlet product!

The reviewer has 2-4 Bluebells pets

Great for distinguishing the chicks feed from the adults - Deborah, Georgia,

I love this color, but it really helps to differentiate the different feeds that I am currently feeding my flock. I have two adult Black Australorps and four 9-week-old chicks, so different feeds are necessary. This feeder is solid, keeps the feed dry (despite summer thunderstorms with high winds), and is perfect for accessing feed.

The reviewer has 4-6 Cream Legbars and Bu pets

Great product! But...the opening is very narrow. Not for roosters or hens with large combs - Shellsbells,

This is a great product and I don't regret purchasing it at all, however I cannot use it for my roosters because their larger combs prevent them from getting their heads into the small opening. The hens seem ok with it, but for the roosters, I had to go a different direction. I understand that most folks only have hens, but for the few who do keep a rooster or two around, this product isn't great for them. I love the protection from the weather, but a larger opening would make this product perfection. :)

The reviewer has 8-10 Black Copper Marans pets

Love this feeder - Sophie, Berkshire,

This came as standard with my Eglu Cube and I must admit that I really didn't use it to start with. But I've been using it full-time since investing in a walk-in run for "flockdown", and even my runner duck (who thinks she's a chicken - don't ask!) uses it. Reduces waste hugely (I used to scatter their food) and keeps their layers pellets dry even when the rain is torrential. Cleans pretty easily with a dish brush. I'd definitely recommend these.

The reviewer has 4-6 Rescue hens and 1 ru pets

Excellent design cube feeder - Sonia, Fife,

Best feeder I have bought . No wasted wet food , would recommend.Not sure how easy it will be to clean , but I'm happy and so are my hens .

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Really difficult to get the food in - Helen,

I got one of these with my new Eglu cube and it's no easier to get the food in than the last model. I carry food around in a large plastic jug and it's impossible to pour food into without spilling it. Granted, the food stays dry in there but that's no good if the food won't go into it! You have to unhook it, lay it on its back and then hook it back on. That's no fun in the rain and when you have four henhouses to replenish. I've bought four of the new drinkers instead.

The reviewer has 10+ Chickens - hybrid la pets

Great rain-proof feeder - South, South Carolina,

I was looking for a rain-proof feeder that hooked onto the fence for a while and couldn't find anything. I came across these and they were just what I was needing. I use them for free choice kelp and oyster shell for my ducks. The ducks can fit their heads inside to get the supplements, and the supplements have not gotten wet even in heavy rain.

The reviewer has 10+ Buff, Rouen, Khaki C pets

Excellent feeder but takes absolutely ages for delivery! - Jason,

Although I got a feeder with the Eglu Cube I purchased I wanted a second feeder for oyster shell. Products are great but I think I could have taken delivery of a custom build car faster than my order being delivered! If you want any Omlet products be prepared for a very long wait!

The reviewer has 4-6 Hybrid chickens pets

Best feeder ever - Lizrh, Worcestershire,

I've had chickens and bantams for a few years and get fed up when their round feeders get rained on and the food gets wet and horrid. I've been so pleased with this feeder hanging on the pen wire as the rain - and snow -has not got in, and I've used it for a month. Great design - looks as though it will last too.

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

I love these feeders - Alexis,

Perfect shape and size - fill it up and it lasts ages - still keeps the food clean and dry - amazing - my girls love it

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