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Verified Reviews for Eglu Cube Waterer - Green

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Very Stable even on the floor - Dlg, Hampshire,

Our ducks love water and spend as much time as possible throwing it around the place and best fun of all is tipping over their night time water bowls as soon as they go in. We did have one of these drinkers already but bought another two because it's so stable and allows us to provide the ducks with water all night. Now I've reduced the work of cleaning out their other water bowls by adding the new drinkers and they keep their water all night! If you design anything that stops them dipping their bedding in the drinkers I'llk be first in line to buy.

The reviewer has 10+ Black East Indies, B pets

Great design, high quality - Jenny, Oregon,

This is the second I have bought. We are using one for the water and one for the feed pallets for our rabbits. So much cleaner than what they had, and they can’t pick up any bowls and throw them around anymore – – not so fun for them, but good for us! We are using those with the frame that we purchased separately as well. The items are heavy duty And solid.

The reviewer has 2-4 Tabbit pets

Excellent product - Julie,

The waterer is a great product. Hooks allow waterer to be put at many different levels and prevent water from being spilled.

The reviewer has 4-6 Heritage turkeys pets

Excellent product - Raymond,

Have three of these feeders and drinkers two in green one in purple also have the older style these are perfect for the girls

The reviewer has 10+ pets

Excellent - Mandy,

Bought because going away for a few days

The reviewer has 2-4 Hens pets

Good for feeding and drinking - Helen,

I'm just replacing all of my feeders and drinkers with these. The old and new feeders are really difficult to pour the food into. This is brilliant. It could be improved by putting something on the underside of the carrying handle to stop it cutting into your hands.

The reviewer has 10+ Chickens - hybrid la pets

The Best Chicken Waterer EVERRRR! - Karen, Washington,

After going through several waterers that claim to do the job (i.e., leak-proof, stain-proof, break-proof), I gave up on those and decided to try the Omlet Eglu Waterer. Let me tell you, it is hands-down the BEST there is. It was obviously designed with thought and care, and I appreciate that. So do my hens.

The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Could be easily improved - Helen,

I bought three of these for my chickens and ducks. The size and visual design is good and the price is just about ok. However there are two glaring problems that could be easily improved: 1. The handle to pick them up is sharp on the underside and cuts into your hand. I am thinking of wrapping some gaffer tape around them or a tennis racket grip. 2. They don't pour out properly. So when you want to throw away the remaining dirty water to replenish each day the water gets everywhere whilst you empty it and you also have to swill it again to get rid of muddy dregs. Surely a pouring spout or lip could be introduced?

Omlet Says: Hi, Thank you for your review. Your suggestions have been passed onto our Product Design team and will be taken in account when designing future improvements on that product. Yours, Omlet Customer Service team

Green drinker - Julia,

Not as good as the old drinker with the nipples. Wish I could get hold of another one if those. With the new one the water gets very dirty

The reviewer has 6-8 pets

Excellent - Anna-Maria,

This is much better than the other drink dispensers in the run and better than the original Omlet drinker I had. It fits in easily and securely to the side of the run and is very easy to wash and fill. I notice the hens are now only occasionally drinking from the other dispensers, preferring this new Eglu drinker.

The reviewer has 2-4 Brown Isa pets

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