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Verified Reviews for Eglu Cube Waterer - Green

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Super Glug - An Omleteer,

Our hens got used to this straight away and chose to use this more often than the usual water feeder.

Super Glug - An Omleteer,

This is the replacement for our original super glug. On the first one the middle nipple kept boing pushed out by the chickens and all the water would drain away. Well, guess what? The same thing has happened on the second one. Poor quality.

super glug - An Omleteer,

My girls very soon learned what to do with this and it does save me constantly cleaning out everything they had kicked into the old glug water is much cleaner, however, the " nipples " have stuck on a couple of occasions and then the water empties and gives them a "hair" wash so I would still put both glugs in the run if out for the day.

A bit too much glug! - An Omleteer,

Unfortunately I had a problem with this product when I first received it - two of the drinking nipples starting leaking and I had to obtain free replacements. Unfortunately my chickens will still not drink from the nipples despite them dripping for a week and me showing them that water was coming out - they insist on standing on it and drinking - so water ends up dirty from their feet. I will persevere!

super glug - An Omleteer,

As described, but how do I persuade the chucks to use it!

I might have stupid chickens - An Omleteer,

Fantastic product, only three stars though because my chickens seem to be struggling to work out how to use it.... they peck at the red nipples but don't seem to have worked out how to push the metal plungers up.... If I had smarter chickens it would have got 5 stars... I will persevere...

Very Good - An Omleteer,

Brought this as our other water container had cracked. Took the chickens less than a day to get used to using it (they can be clever when the want to be!) Fills itself up when it rains which does make it look like the chickens aren't drinking anything! One down side is that if you don't have an Eglu it is very difficult to fix on, ours is tied on using cable ties to make big enough loops for it to hang on.

Superglug - An Omleteer,

Absolutely superb. I have tried all sorts of drinkers that my chooks overturned, walked in , sat in, knocked over, and generally made a mess of. It took 2 minutes for them to work out how to get water and I no longer have a run that resembles the Somme! Thank you!

Super Glug - An Omleteer,

What a great idea! The only problem at the moment is I have three ex battery hens and they haven't worked out how to use it. I'm sure it will be fine once they get the hang of it.

Super Glug - Green - An Omleteer,

Extremely happy with this product. I was worried that my hens wouldn't know how to use it, but they soon learned. Apart from the odd fly, the water stays clean and it doesn't need topping up every day. Yippee.

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