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Verified Reviews for Eglu Cube Waterer - Green

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Super Glug - An Omleteer,

This is a fab product. It holds a lot of water which stays absolutely clean. No chance of contamination by wild birds, of my chickens treadding in it. The only snag is, when I placed it in my run (under the chicken house) it isn't quite high enough, the chickens need to crane their heads round to get to the nipples underneath. Having said that, they got used to using it very quickly.

Super glug - An Omleteer,

Excellent stops me running out of water as quickly.

Great Grub - An Omleteer,

The great things are always simple...remember the old engineers saying..Keep it Simple Stupid.(KISS).What more do you want with feeder than to keep food clean and dry..that's exactly what the Grub does...I love it but more importantly do the hens..

Super Glug - An Omleteer,

I was worried that our chickens would not get the hang of this new item but they have done, and, it so good as the water stays clean!

Super Glug - An Omleteer,

Disappointed so far as none of my chickens will use it. Anyone have any tips?

Super Glug - Green - An Omleteer,

Good quality product with plenty of space for food- looks good and is practical.

How high? - An Omleteer,

Yes, it holds a lot of water, but my hens don't appear to have the nack of drinking from the teets. Can any other owner tell me how high to position it? Should the hens be able to easily fit underneath or should they have to stretch their necks to reach it?

Clean Fresh water on demand - An Omleteer,

Well worth the money - just upgraded from a Glug to Super Glug as the chickens kept walking into the Glug! - now it is clean and I wont waste cider vinegar etc. Chickens took a while to find the nipples for the water but no they have got the hang of it. Hangs above door of Eglu.

super glugs are great - An Omleteer,

My chickens are ever so happy with it and i couldnt be with out it. The water stays cleaner for longer and the amount of water it can hold is great for thirsy chickens on a hot day. A brilliant part of your chickens wellbeing!

good idea - An Omleteer,

this is a great idea, but i can't get my hens to use it. I would prefer them to drink from it and i know that lots of people have them and are happy, I just wish my daft birds would realise that it was there.

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