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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go - Run End Panel with Door (005.0251)

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Great little door for run changes - Clare,

With the avian flu lockdown we have given our chooks a large extended covered run for scratching around which we let them into the part of the day. I have fitted the little door for the ‘go’ run into the side wall of our big walk in run to allow the chickens backwards and forwards between these two runs -it does the job really well.

The reviewer has 2-4 Light Sussex and spe pets

Brilliant - Dawn, Wiltshire,

This works really well as it gives you the ability to have a door at the end for access to feeders but also a door at the side to enable access to the Eglu door to encourage reluctant ducks when they don’t think it’s bedtime yet????

Very satisfied, thank you. - Anne,

Good robust product - Viven,

Very happy with this. Nothing to do with Eglu run though .. .just makes fantastic badger gate set into the wire fence!

Useful addition but should be available at point of sale - Clare,

This panel is good (it does what it says on the tin) but it is (a) expensive for what it is and (b) should have been available at point of sale. Customers need to be able to 'customise' their purchases. Without this extra door panel put near the hutch end of the 2-metre run, I would not be able to tidy/clean the hutch entrance and surrounding run area. I had to buy this panel separately which meant extra cost to me, plus I know have an original panel which is surplus to reqirements.

Very useful addition - Peter,

I bought the extra door panel so as to be able place food etc both at the end and at the side of the run. I find this to be very useful. On the down side, I now have a spare panel that is surplus to requirements. It would have been nice if I could have made a 'swap'.

Really useful - Wheeler,

If you intend to use the 2M run with an Eglu Go an additional door panel is a necessity IMO. I have placed mine adjacent to the coop, making cleaning of the front of the house easy and improving access to the smaller half of the run.

Eglu Go - Juliet,

Very please with my Eglu Go and attached run, so easy to clean. I purchased the clear cover which i have on all the time, it give excellent shelter from wind and rain. I also bought an extra door, so i have one on the side and one at the end for easier access. I think the run is supposed to fit just over the front top of the Eglu, but i can't keep it attached it always moves slightly apart, but don't think this will cause any problems

Makes for easier access - Wendy,

An intrinsic problem with the run supplied with the Go is the difficulty of reaching the other end of the run from the one entrance. The chooks seem to have a knack for piling up the chippings in the Eglu doorway so the door jams and it's very difficult to get in to clear it out. We've found this extra panel with door to be an excellent solution. Although it's described as 'End panel with Door' it fits into the sides as well, and having replaced the side panel nearest the Go with this one, we now have access at both ends of the run.

Excellent idea! - Jodie,

This is a great idea - it's not only young fit people people who want to keep hens and anything which makes access easier is going to be a hit with those of us who are getting a bit creaky! I wish I had something similar for our Eglu Cube, too.

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