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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go UP 3ft Run Extension

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Added an extension - Desiree, Ross-shire,

These coops are long lasting. My chickens were warm in the winter, love laying and sleeping in the box, and running around in the run. We purchased handles, a second water bowl, and an extension to pamper our favorite Easter Eggers.

The reviewer has 2-4 Easter Egger pets

NOT PREDATOR PROOF - Caitlin, Ross-shire,

Look on forums for reviews, my experience with the omlet is common.The coop itself is easy to clean - the run is NOT predator proof and WE LOST A CHICKEN. The openings are more than 1/4 in big, so a grounded HAWK managed to reach in and ATTACK AND KILL and PULL A CHICKEN towards it and EAT HER through the wide openings of the grate. We had to reinforce the entire run portion with hardware cloth, as the hawks returned for more.. AWFUL EXPERIENCE considering how much we spent on the set up with 9ft of run. Although a set up from tractor supply may have been harder to clean, one of my girls would still be with me AND I would have saved a few hundred dollars…our neighbors who are experienced chicken keepers also pointed out how weasels and fisher cats and foxes could easily penetrate the run. We are in the northeast where it gets pretty cold, so we put a wireless thermometer inside to make sure the coop is as insulated as omlet claims. It turns out it’s always the same temp inside as it is outside. DO NOT RECOMMEND. This has been a costly experience emotionally and financially- We are looking into alternatives now and encourage Eglu to add a bigger disclaimer about how their runs are absolutely not predator proof and if you have one already please reinforce with 1/4” hardware cloth for your birds

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Omlet Says: Hi Caitlin, Thank you for your review. We will contact you directly to offer you a solution. Your feedback has been passed onto our Product Design team and will be reviewed for future improvements. Yours, Omlet Customer Service team

Makes a great home! - Jennifer, Ross-shire,

We set up the coop and run two weeks ago. Everyone is enjoying it: the chickens, the dogs, the sunshine! Still easy to move about the yard with the extension. Bobcat has visited and left dinnerless!

The reviewer has 2-4 Olive Egger, Easter pets

Perfect Addition - Mallory, Ross-shire,

I am very pleased with my overall setup, I do wish it was slightly taller, but everything else is great!

The reviewer has 2-4 Ducks pets

Much needed room for a growing family - Susan, Ross-shire,

Works great and my hens appreciate the extra room

The reviewer has 2-4 Gold star pets

Excellent coop - Vonnie, Ross-shire,

Bought the Eglo Go Up with an extra 3 feet of run for 5 bantams. Received the coop in July. It is awesome. We have moved it numerous times so the girls have fresh grass. Easy to clean. The BEST part was when we expected hurricane Laura to hit we were able to move them up close to the house. We also had a hawk trying to get to them but because it is totally closed in he couldn't get to them. Well worth the money.

Great Mobile Chicken House - Mary, Ross-shire,

I love it the mobility and light weight. I have been using it as a way to clear new garden beds of grass and weeds as well as fertilizing the soil. Besides the chickens are never short on bugs and are entertained with their new surroundings.

great extension - Theresa, Ross-shire,

We built our coop with te extension fist because we wanted to give our new chickies the room to move freely. I think it gives them as much inside room whilst still giving the full protection from the outside predators. Where we live, a hawk (and has) come to swoop in even while we are outside in the yard.

Brilliant design! - Seth, Ross-shire,

Honestly a brilliantly designed chicken coop. Easy to clean and move. Keeps predators out. Plenty of space for happy chickens. Chickens know to go up at night and where to lay eggs in this design I recommend 100%.