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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Frame and Ladder

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excellent, pricey though - Dean,

This is an excellent coop and run. My hens seem to like it, took one of them a while to work the ladder out but she is doopid. The clips for the run are ok to use but there are a lot of them

High level luxury - Trudi,

Delighted with this set up. The chickens like going upstairs to bed!

UP Grade - Maureen,

I think this is great. A mini cube. The only problem as others have said is the ladder. Grip mat or have a wood ladder made. Expensive yes. Worth it Yes.

Definitely improves the up - Anna, West Midlands,

So much easier to use the Go when it is on this frame, no more back breaking cleaning out! Only gripe is the rungs on the ladder are quite slippery, I covered mine with anti slip matting (used under rugs) and that has solved it.

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