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Verified Reviews for Extreme Temperature Jacket for Eglu Cube MK2 Blue

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Well made, thIck quilted, easy to fit and looks good - Sue, SOUTH YORKSHIRE,

This came as a special offer when I bought the cube, so glad it did. Quality made item, easy to put on and off, keeps the hens toasty in the cube

The reviewer has 6-8 Buff Orpington (I th pets

Extra Peace of Mind - Stephanie, Washington,

This is my second year with the Extreme Temperature Jacket and I am still really glad I purchased them. I have 2 Eglu Mk2 coops and one Go Up. I invested in these for all of them. They really are like a nice jacket. I’m not sure how much warmer the hens stay, but I do know that it adds a layer of insulation that keeps the heat the hens generate inside the coop instead of it escaping. That alone is worth it since they put out a bit of heat on their own. My ladies (all 11 of them!) are molting right now so I’m sure they appreciate the help in staying warm. Added bonus- these are super easy to clean. I throw them into my washer and dryer a few times a season. They come out clean and fluffed up. No shrinkage. I’m still impressed with the level of quality. There is no sign of wear and tear on these other than an oil stain they got while I was treating one of my hens for scaly mites last year.

The reviewer has 10+ Ameraucana, Welsumme pets

Jacket - Tina, North Carolina,

This is a great product. Keeps the inside 10-11 degrees warmer than outside temps. Now, if the light would stay on until I turn it off that would be great. Not using it and switched to a paper thin LED that I can remote control.

Excellent quality! - Evie,

The jacket arrived just in time for the -12 temperature we had during the big freeze. All four chickens stayed warm and cosy inside overnight and opted to sit inside during the day too! Front vent still allows for air circulation.