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Verified Reviews for Feeder Drinker Stand - Eglu Classic & Eglu Cube

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Feeder Drinker Stand - Brigid, West Sussex,

No problem assembling the stand, but, with feeder and drinker correctly in place, the feeder has been knocked off the stand by my hens twice within a week, with considerable wastage of food. So no longer using it.

The reviewer has 2-4 Welsummers pets

Fit for purpose - Dawn,

I'm really happy I bought this. It keeps the feeders off the ground and my chooks seem really happy with it

The reviewer has 2-4 Silver laced Wyandot pets

PRETTY GOOD - An Omleteer,

Good product but it would be better if it was on wheels as I have to keep it under the chicken house and can be awkward to pull out when the water pod is full

The reviewer has 2-4 mixed pets

Does exactly what it says it will! - Sue,

A great improvement on my Heath Robinson attempts to secure my glut and grub safely!

The reviewer has 4-6 Runner ducks pets

Well designed for purpose - Sue,

I'm very happy with the grub/glug stand. It is a big improvement and more secure than my previous Heath Robinson set up!

The reviewer has 4-6 Runner Ducks pets

Great feeder/drinker - Lucy,

I bought this a while back and its brilliant. Only downfall is you have to put them both on same hooks. But it's really helpful! Definitely worth buying!

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Handy item - The,

I use the stand to hold a covered feeder wirh the drinks container on the opposite side, which I use for their snacks and titbits. Soooo much easier to transport the food in at night and out again each morning. I just pick it up with one hand to take indoors away from scavengers. I had found trying to fit food containers to the inside of my Omlet a reall faff so this is an ideal solution for me.

The reviewer has 2-4 Bantams pets

Does the job - Ruth,

Have used these for many years

The reviewer has 4-6 Mixed breed hens pets

Excellent - Jasmine,

The stand for the feeders is simple, lightweight but sturdy. Excellent design. The feeder and drinker come off easily to empty and clean and can go on in different heights.

Great addition to our coop - Claire,

As we have six chickens this was a great addition. It means that we have two feeding and drinking stations for the girls to choose from. Its sturdy so they can't knock it over. Highly recommend. Plus you can pick it up and carry it around if your moving your girls to free range outside in the garden. So they have fresh water and pellets if needed.

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