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Verified Reviews for Heavy Duty Tarp for Eglu Cube - 3ft

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Does exactly what it says! - Surfnirvana,

Excellent for the winter. Strong and durable - it will keep the snow and rain off and give your chooks some shelter.

Excellent - Rose,

Shortly after putting this cover in place we experienced a very heavy rain shower. Our 3 hens were very happy to stay in the dry and watch the rainfrom under their shelter. It is a very good buy and a strong useful product.

Excellent - Milly,

The old cover had become very faded and worn after three years outside in all weathers. This new one looks much more sturdy and really freshens up the look of the cube.

sturdy cover - Susan,

Seems sturdy, easy to put on.

fab cover - Nicky,

i got a summer cover free with my omlet cube, i bought this seperately, and will be great for the winter, to stop the rain and wind, and maybe snow if we have any.

very good - Maggie,

Very useful for wind and rain, it wrapped around quite a large area and will certainly be useful in the bad weather

Great Quality - Ash,

Bought two of these for my cube run and extension. Really good quality. The material is that similar to articulated lorry trailers. I envisage this will last for years. One slight drawback, due to the increased thickness of this item it catches on the cube roof when you open the roof. Resolved by overlapping it slightly with the other to leave a clearance of about a foot from the roof line.

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