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Verified Reviews for Heavy Duty Tarp for Eglu Cube - Wind

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Works well for protection - Bev,

I just placed these around Eglu MK1 coop yesterday due to impending weather. The rear panel could be quite a bit longer. The sides fit very well. I installed the panels with zip ties to provide a close fit and am confident my little flock will be protected from the wind, rain and snow.

The reviewer has 2-4 Buff Chantecler and pets

Happy with it! - Dawn,

I really like it - just wish it was a smidge longer

The reviewer has 2-4 Multiple pets

This thing works - Black,

We live in Colorado where it blows 50+ for weeks every year. Going into winter I wanted my chicks to be prepared. We had our first snowstorm roll in last week and thankfully these tarps had arrived the day before! I have our entire outdoor run covered and my chicks were dry and warm throughout. Even in blowing snow. Highly recommend!

The reviewer has 4-6 Austrolorps and silv pets

So important for cold and rainy seasons - Jillian, New Hampshire,

The tarp is rugged and provides much-needed protection from the elements.

The reviewer has 2-4 Spangled Russian Orl pets

good wind break - Liz,

The end of my cube coop is facing the wind so I wanted to protect my chickens when they were under the coop resting which is where they like to go in the afternoons . It works very well

The reviewer has 2-4 Chickens pets

Blocks wind and rain, and the chickens can still see through it - Chrissyjee,

Great cover for the cold weather months in NY. Chickens are protected from the wind, rain, and snow, and still can come out and spend time outside.

Great cover - Jan,

The heavy duty cover is great. Very strong and well fitting. It eliminates all bad weather very well.

Great Product - Sophie, West Midlands,

Although it says it's for the Eglu Cube, we bought this for the Eglu Go Up to provide some extra shade underneath the nesting box and it fits perfectly. Sturdy in wind and provides shade and rain protection for the chickens. Easily attached and stays in place well once up.

Heavy Duty Cover - Wray, Essex,

Pleased with this although metal eyes are beginning to show rust after only 2 weeks, keeps chick nice and dry

brilliant - Daphne,

This windshield was good quality and was exactly what I expected

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