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Verified Reviews for Memory Foam Bolster Cat Bed - Medium - Stone Grey

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I bought it for my elderly cat, and he's a big fan! - Turaya,

My cat is 14-year's-old and very fussy. He's the type of cat that took him weeks to even set foot in his last bed. But he took to this one almost immediately. I should also mention, he's not a small cat. His over 5gk and has a build to match and the small bed has plenty of room to stretch out. My only complaint is that the Bolster was difficult to insert into the case (though my hands aren't the strongest, so take from that what you will)

The reviewer has 1 Cat pets

Cat bed - Sandra,

My 2 cats love this bed, it so cosy and comfy, my Bengal has changed his favourite spot on the back of the couch to here, they cosy up together in it. Well worth the money, good quality, well made.

The reviewer has 2-4 1 Bengal and 1 Chaus pets