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Good coop, shame no auto door - Victoria, Oxon,

I already have a Go Up and my ladies needed a little more space so I bought this little coop. I assumed it would have an automatic door available as I thought the one omlet make is universal. Sadly this is not the case and there is not one for this coop. This is why k have only given three stars. It’s quite a big deal regarding the safety of my chickens. I hope there is one made soon.
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The reviewer has 6-8 Varying chicken bree pets

Beautiful and Convenient, But Not Perfect - Leah, Hants,

I want to give a completely honest review on the coop with 6' run, wheels, and handles. I'll start by saying I am quite happy with this, and would recommend it for someone with 3 or fewer birds. It is definitely not perfect though, and it will be up to each individual to decide if the pros outweigh the cons for them. My coop arrived with a couple plastic parts damaged (it was only shipped in a cardboard box with a couple pieces of cardboard to separate certain pieces), and the corner pieces of the run were missing. I noticed these issues at separate times, and customer service was excellent about getting back to me and making sure I received every part I needed. Things I love: -The coop is cute, and roomier than I thought. I am using it without the roosting bars, and my 3 Welsh Harlequin ducks fit in fraction of the space at night. I would even be comfortable with a 4th duck in there. -Once assembled, it is a practical design. The handles and wheels are a must-have. I move the coop and run 1-2x/day and the wheels and handles make it a quick 2-minute task. -The fact that the run is attached and moves as one piece with the coop is just great! -I appreciate that it came with feed/water troughs made to attach to the run. It makes moving it even more convenient. - The plastic is more durable than wood - especially with messy ducks - and is easy to spray off with a hose. - Did I mention it is cute?? Nobody can accuse me of having an ugly coop. - Even though it's a little tricky and time consuming to put together, it's a lifesaver if you aren't handy and are unable to build your own coop/run from scratch. Things I don't love: - Depending on where you live, I recommend taking some extra measures against predators. The back door opens up very easily with a turn of the knob, so I keep it more secure with a string tied from the job to a carabiner which I keep clipped to the run until I need to open the back door. I also added hardware cloth along the sides because certain predators where I live could absolutely try to pull a bird through the bars of the run. - Things just don't quite fit together right. The back door fits unevenly, and the parts of the run do not all fit properly. The run is assembled with plastic clips which easily come off with enough pressure. I had to resort to zip ties for a couple spots where it didnt fit well enough to use the clips even though I was following the clip placement exactly, and have found that if the ground is at all uneven or slanted, several of the clips are at risk of popping off where the pieces of the run try to separate, and I have had to reattach some and add extras around them for reinforcement. This is mainly a problem with the run skirt pieces. The manual for the coop itself shows what I think must be an old run design where each skirt/respective run panel is one solid piece, which would be a much more practical design, as it would be sturdier and have far fewer clips at risk of falling off. - You can pull it easily, but it seems to get stuck if you try to push it. The run skirts extend quite a ways under the edges of the coop where they are not secured to anything, and it seems like if you try to push the run/coop backward sometimes they get caught on the ground there if it is not perfectly even. I have somewhat fixed this issue by lifting the coop as little as possible while moving it. - While I feel like the coop is a fine size as long as you don't plan to leave your birds locked inside it all winter (there is also nowhere to put food or water in it) the run is comparatively small. If you aren't going to let your birds out in a larger area then I would recommend getting the run extensions. I got this with the intention to move it frequently and do not believe it is the type of run that should be left in one place. Overall I do really like this coop and run. It is the only pre-made design of its kind that I could find, and customer service is very responsive when needed. There are some issues such as the run skirts being separate pieces from the side panels (which I feel is a bit of a manufacturing shortcut), and there are some areas that are going to have to be checked frequently to make sure the clips aren't coming off. It seems rather expensive for what you get, but it was still worth it for me to get something already made and not have to figure out how to design it myself. If you are a handier person, you could make something similar with wood and hardware cloth for a fraction of the cost, but it probably wouldn't be as cute, and the sturdy bars of the run are definitely better than hardware cloth alone. I hope this review helps someone decide if it is right for them. I am glad I went with it. It is pretty much just what I was looking for, and I think there are pros and cons of every option out there. The cons of this are worth overlooking to me, but they still exist. I would recommend this to a friend, especially as a first set-up, but would also make sure the know exactly what they're getting into.
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The reviewer has 2-4 Welsh Harlequin Duck pets

Omlet Says: Hi Leah, Thank you for this detailed feedback. We are always looking to improve our products so this will be very helpful for our Product Design team. In regards to the assembly of the run, it is indeed crucial to build everything on a flat ground, as this will ensure that all the panels fit together correctly. The back door also should be even. Usually, if it's not the case, readjusting the supports struts inside the coop should fix the issue. Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or by email for any further assistance. Yours, Omlet Customer Services team

Beautiful coop, difficult to assemble - Jackie, London,

The coop itself is stunning and so is the run post assembly. However, the coop and the run were full of factory defects we had to fix ourselves. The bar in the center was so large, my husband had to bend it to make it work with the coop. Also, one of the first screws while assembling the coop had to be dremeled because it simply did not fit in the hole it was supposed to screw into. We chose to not send the coop back because it was time sensitive that we had the coop ready for our chickens. Regardless I would recommend it to my friends but I just feel disappointed and a little depressed about it.
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The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Omlet Says: Hi Jackie, Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying your coop and run. We understand that you were able to fix the couple of issues that you encountered with the tube and the screws. If you notice any issues that seem to come from manufacture errors, don't hesitate to contact us next time, by email or by phone. Our Customer Services team is always available to assist you with these kind of queries. We may be able to provide you with a solution and to send you replacements if necessary. Thank you for your patience. Yours, Omlet Customer Services team

Over rated - Vicki, London,

I received my Eglu Go 2 weeks ago and it was downhill since. Spent 2 days trying to get it constructed until I realized it wasn't me. They sent 2 "left" pieces for the front of the run and another piece that was bent. I received the correct pieces about a week later. I didn't get the wheel kit but it's not too difficult to move a few feet to give the girls a new area to forage. The feed and water containers are difficult to get to and I must get on my 66 year old knees to change them out. The cover for the feed dish is hard to snap on, then you can't snap it off, so I had to leave it off then it rained!! I feel the coop and run are too small, also the bedding winds up between the rungs in the coop leaving the nest bare. There is a sun shade included but guess what...sometimes it rains and that sun shade is not nearly big enough to keep them dry.. I covered the run with a clear shower curtain using clothes pins! And why is the sun shade in a dark color? Shouldn't it be a light color to reflect the sun? especially in NC...just saying. I'm getting a different coop next week and this is going back. It's over rated and over priced. The best features are being predator proof and plastic.
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The reviewer has 2-4 Orpington, Amerauca pets

Omlet Says: Hi Vicki, Thank you for taking the time to review your Omlet product. We are sorry to read that some parts that were sent to you initially were incorrect. Depending on when you contact us, and how long shipping takes, it can indeed sometimes take a few days until you receive the replacements required. Nevertheless, we can always assist you with this sort of query. We understand that the run of the Eglu Go might not be suitable for everyone. This is why we offer alternatives, such as the Eglu Go UP, which is the elevated version of the Eglu Go, as well as Walk-In runs, offering a larger and higher space. All the dimensions of our coops are indicated on our website, allowing our customers to make an informed decision when navigating our website. The coop should be used mainly for your chickens to rest at night, and we recommend to let them roam outside of their coop during the day. More bedding can be added inside the coop in order to make sure that there is always some in the nesting area. As its name indicates, the sun shade provided is mainly designed to provide some shade for your chickens from the sun. If you are looking for different types of covers, including transparent ones, we would recommend you to have a look at our range of run covers, available on our website. Nevertheless, your comments have been passed on to our Product Design team and they will be reviewed for further improvements. We remain at your disposal for any further information. Best Regards, Omlet Customer Services team

Safe home for my 8 year old chicken - Gwen, London,

Rather difficult to build - you definitely need 2 people with strong hands
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 6ft Run Package - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 1 Bluebell pets

Great chicken coop - Danielle, London,

I have wanted an eglu chicken coop for a few years. But I felt that they were expensive. I recently needed a new coop and run. I found the price was comparable to the equivalent size wooden coop and run. But the quality and ease of build far exceeds the wooden coops.
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 6ft Run Package - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 2-4 Pekin Bantams pets

Amazing - Lucy, Northamptonshire,

I originally ordered for my hens but ended up using it for my 4 khaki Campbells and they seemed to like it.
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The reviewer has 2-4 Khaki Campbell ducks pets

Easy coop setup! - Alexander, Hants,

I bought this about 3 weeks ago and shipping was fast.(roughly under 4 days from ordering) We bought this and a reduced price model b. Compared , this one was the easier of the 2 to setup. Took roughly a hour with 2 people (with breaks to pet the puppy) putting it together. Everything was neatly organized and fairly easy to put together. The only deceptive thing i can find is that it 'looks' fairly light and easy to carry. It actually is fairly heavy and id recommend 2 people carry it! It went outside briefly and the feral cats seem to like these as well so theres another plus. but 5 stars for sure ! it looks pretty tough and im eager to see how my small flock takes to it
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The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Setup was a SNAP! - Rachel, Hants,

I actually bought an autodoor for my classic wooden coop, and it's been wonderful. I'm now brooding babies for the neighborhood, and had reached a point where they needed more room, but an elbow injury kept me from being able to build a separate coop and run for the pullets. Luckily, a neighbor was moving and sold me their Eglu-Go. It had been used by 4 hens for a number of years, and came to me in nearly perfect shape, and perfectly clean. I have most of the accessories - weatherproof cover, shade cover, clip on food trays, and they had upgraded theirs with an auto-door as well. Now, I won't be able to house 19 chicks in here indefinitely, but they will start going home to other neighborhood coops soon, and I can purchase the coop extension if I need more room before then. The instructions were clear, the click-snap attachments were user friendly for someone who has limited mobility at the moment. This will be the perfect transitional coop for the ducklings I'll be raising for the neighborhood next, and appears to be able to convert to a rabbit hutch or remain as a good quarantine spot if I need to separate an injured or sick hen or duck. If I don't need it at any point, it collapses back down into easily storable pieces. I will probably be converting mine into a tractor, soon. It drags very easily, but wheels and handles would be so nice!
Review for: 6ft Run for Eglu Go with Shade

The reviewer has 10+ Mixed Standard 4 wee pets

Great product! - Tom, Northamptonshire,

We bought an Eglu Go-Up a year ago for our chickens and found it easy to construct, move around and keep clean. We also bought the fencing to provide them with more space. Knowing it was not predator-proof we always shut the hens in the Eglu at night, but a predator got at them during the day and killed them all! We have now replaced the chickens and are about to construct a walk-in run to give them more space while keeping them safe. I would echo the comment in a previous review that it is a pity the Go-Up cannot be fitted with an automatic door though- that would be a great bonus!
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 6ft Run - Purple

The reviewer has 2-4 Chickens pets

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