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Verified Reviews for Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk1 - Repair Kit Green

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- Linda,

The repair kit is a life saver. I think a rat chewed a hole in it. The repair kit worked great. Thanks for making it.

Does the Job - Elizabeth,

The instructions that came with the kit are for repairing holes in the larger mesh, so it was a bit tricky working out what to do in the smaller mesh, especially while lying on the ground nose to beaks with some very inquisitive hens. A satisfactory hen-proof repair was eventually effected, however, so the repair kit did its job.

Excellent service - Jenny,

The product is fine. I was sent it free of charge without requesting it as a result of a review I left about the fence. Excellent service Omlet - thank you

Easy to use - Julia,

Although I have not used it as yet it looks so easy to use by just melting the netting together, how ingenious.