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Verified Reviews for Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - Porch

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A porch that is much more. - Stephen,

I decided I wanted to extend my Omlet catio from where it was built up onto my main deck. The porch seemed like a good option - I ordered the porch and with a couple of spare pieces from the original build I created a small 2 story extension reached by an over arch tunnel walkway. The cats love it it extends their play area and allows for seperate areas to sit.

The reviewer has 2-4 Maine Coons pets

Glad I bought the Porch! - Brian,

We are so glad we bought the Porch. It makes transferring our two cats from the house to the Catio so much easier and safer. I would strongly recommend this if you have concerns about inserting you cats into the Run. It makes a secure 'Air-Lock' between the outside world and the run itself. There are 2 sets of 2 doors to open but we soon got used to this and gives us total peace of mind knowing our little darlings are safe. If you are thinking of a porch it is much easier to purchase it at the same time at the Patio as installation is more straight forward and avoids having to reverse the Catio door. This Porch is excellent in both design and build quality, the same as all Omlet products that we have.

The reviewer has 2-4 2 x Rescue Moggies! pets

Esaybassembly - Alan,

Quick delivery. Good quality.

The reviewer has 1 Ragdoll pets

Perfect for a cat colony - Mark,

Although we set our enclosure up indoors, it was perfect for the needs of our cat family. To get them accustomed to the enclosure, we put plenty of places for privacy, cat trees and sufficient litter boxes inside and all adapted to living inside amazingly well. Thank you for offering a unique product that provides for the multiple cat household!

The reviewer has 4-6 Mixed pets

Excellent - David,

Very good

The reviewer has 2-4 domestic cats pets

Porch added - Malcolm,

Pleased with the purchase because the porch gives added peace of mind on entering or leaving the run. Our kitten/cats are like lightening and are out of any gap in a flash. Assembly reasonably straightforward after reversing the existing doors to open inwards. The supplied clips are effective and no doubt make dismantling and moving the pen much more convenient. However if, as in our case, the run is on a permanent base I found it expedient to use strong cable-ties instead. This gives much more rigidity. Not needing the mesh skirt bits, I found them useful in constructing a wire enclosure for some decorative pebbles around the edge of the porch. I will try and upload some photos. The main run has a one piece clear tarpaulin which took more than a bit of tailoring and adapting, but it works well. I used the same material to put a cover on the porch. So far I can see there is no porch cover on offer from Omlet? In summary, a happy purchase. Omlet certainly cannot be faulted on speed of delivery and customer service.

Great addition - Michelle, Hampshire,

The porch is a great addition to the enclosure, We can now go in with the kittens and the older cats safe in the knowledge they cannot escape.