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Verified Reviews for Portable Chicken Coop - Eglu Go UP

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Waste of money - Dettybo,

The coop is ok, watertight and relatively compact but it's the run I have issues with. It's held together by flimsy little green clips & cable ties. We bought this coop and run to keep the chickens closer to the house during the winter where they will get more sunlight so it's not a permanent fixture but breaking it down to store is going to be impossible. You cannot unclip the ties or clips that come with the run and they are likely to break. This is a huge waste of money unless you are happy to keep the run up all year round but they will degrade with age as they are green plastic and the sun will make them brittle. This is just a huge amount of money for a quite rubbish piece of kit.
Review for: Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop with Wheels and Accessories - Purple

The reviewer has 4-6 chickents pets

Omlet Says: Hi there! Thanks for your review. I'm really sorry to hear that you aren't very happy with your purchase. You should be able to remove the clips that come with the run if you would like to and if any did break we would be more than happy to send out some replacements for you. Also, one of the great things about the Eglu Go and the Go Up is that you can purchase a wheel set and handles separately, should you want to of course, and this will enable you to move the coop and run around the garden to fresh grass, into more sunlight or even a garage for the summer if you didn't want to take it down completely.