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A must have for Additional Run Access!
An extra door is wonderful! We put this additional door access on the side, closer to the coop door- Texas summers are hot so I’ve relocated access to their water & food closer to the coop as well- Claire at Omlet was wonderful & told me exactly where to find it on their site, thank you!
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
The reviewer has 2-4 Silkies pets
Great Add-on
This door is very easy and quick to install. I use it to allow another entry/exit for my chickens. The door is small and designed only for your animal’s use. It is not big enough to pass larger waterers or feeders through. However if placed above ground height you would be able to add feed or water and/or move them slightly. I do suggest getting two, one for the upper and one for the lower area of your coop to allow more access. I am very happy with the door as I am with all my Omlet products.
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
The reviewer has 8-10 Various Chicken bree pets
Extra door ? Yes please!
We bought and fitted the first extra door about 5 weeks ago but have yet to fit the second one purchased . An ideal method of accessing the hens to feed, water or just physically move them, without compromising the inherent security afforded by the Omlet base. Not difficult to fit and well designed and easy to operate
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
The reviewer has 2-4 Hens pets
I have been dreaming of such a door for years. I am too old now to crawl into the Eglu Cube run to retrieve water and food carriers crawl out, fill them crawl back in and put them back. I was nervous, and put off doing it. The doors were easy to fasten in, and now it takes me only seconds to get this onerous task completed. Hurrah!
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
Chris, Florida,
We have three of these doors: 2 on either side of our Eglu Cube 6' Run, and 1 for our Eglu Classic 6' Run. Being able to access the middle of the run without crawling inside from either end is really useful for maintenance. We use our doors mainly for adding hay to the run and raking down the piles of dirt the chickens like to accumulate in the middle while scratching at the edges. They are simple to install with only a pair of wire snips, and they are just as sturdy as the rest of the run.
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
Run Door self fit Kit
Good idea but would benefit from opening outwards. I made some modifications to achieve this.
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
Easy to fit
I purchased the self fit door to provide an additional entrance to the run and put the food in a sheltered place. After cutting the mesh, the new protective sleeves and gate fitted and perfectly. It looks like its always been there!
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
Run Door Extremely helpful
We purchased this door to connect our coop to our Omlet run. It was exactly what was needed. We built a chicken tunnel, hereafter known as the chunnel, and simply bungied it to the Omlet at the door. Great size, and easy to install.
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
Took longer to find the pliers than it did to fit!
Mamacoop, Warwickshire,
Really quick and straight forward to fit. Great addition at the top of the run to help cleaning and coop access.
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
Very useful item!
The extra run door was so simple to install and really makes it a lot easier to clean out the run of our Eglu Go. Also useful for being able to reach trickier corners. You'll need wire cutters to fit this but they're generally very cheap and easy to find. We love this.
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
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