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Not a necessary purchase - Chelsie, Staffordshire,

I purchased the coop light for use with my automatic door. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty worthless for my chickens. I think it confuses them! My chickens are in bed prior to dusk and when the coop light turns on they start clucking and stick their heads back outside. That’s the awesome thing about chickens is that they have their own little internal light sensors! I gave it 4 stars as the light works perfectly! I just find it an unnecessary for chickens.
Review for: Coop Light - Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The reviewer has 4-6 Sapphire Gems and Bu pets

Should have clips and guide wires included - Sherrie,

I purchased 5 extra fence poles thinking clips and guide wire would be included but it’s not! You should at least offer those for a few extra dollars more or have those available to buy separately…
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Set of 5

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Omlet Says: Hi Sherrie, Thank you for your comment. It has been passed on to our Merchandising team. As you can see in the product description, this pack only includes 5 poles. If you need some extra parts that you could not find on the website, feel free to contact us by email or by phone, so that we can have a look at this for you. Yours, The Omlet Customer Services team

Roll-on!! - Pauline, Hants,

Got this as part of the warranty to replace the original frame and wheels. Makes life a lot easier to be able to roll the coop and run into different places in the garden. Very happy with Omlet's excellent warranty and service.
Review for: Eglu Cube Wheels

The reviewer has 4-6 Pekin bantam pets

Keeps predators from flipping up the outside skirt - Amy, Berkshire,

These have worked great and are thick plastic so they do not break easily. May take a bit more time to screw into the ground, but I don't need to get my mallet to hammer tent stakes any more. And there's a drill attachment to make screwing these in faster which I haven't used, but I bet it works great too. Keeps predators from digging under the zippi skirts by keeping the skirt pieces tight to the ground.
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack

The reviewer has 2-4 Americauna Chicks pets

Amazing Coop! - Melissa, Yorkshire,

We spent a long time researching chicken coops. We considered some cheaper options. I'm so glad we went with Omlet- the customer support has been incredible, as well as the warranty. Easy to clean and maintain, we are very happy first time chicken owners. This coop is a dream!
Review for: Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Frame and Ladder

The reviewer has 2-4 Isla brown chickens pets

Great coop addition - Kara, Staffordshire,

Bought this to try to encourage my chickens to get in their coop at night...and it did the trick! Very easy to operate and quick to install. Highly recommended.
Review for: Coop Light - Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Great product - Lynn, Berkshire,

Bought these for outdoor cat run and they work great. Also using them to tie down my sportbrella on the beach and they work like a dream
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack

Love how easy it was to install - Casey,

I purchased the fencing with every intention to keep a chicken-free portion of my back yard, but allow them to free range. And it did the job perfectly. Easy to set up, easy to move around, and sturdy even in our windy city. The door latch is secure but also able to be undone single handedly if needed. Very happy!
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Set of 5

The reviewer has 6-8 Isa Brown, Araucana, pets

Great Construction - Elizabeth,

I do wish that there were a little more explanation in the instructions. You do not fully extend the poles until after you weave them through the netting because otherwise they will be too long to properly weave through the netting. Since this was not explained verbally in the instructions I had to retract them and reextend them during construction which was a headache as they are not easy to lengthen and shorten. The system works well and I am pleased with the overall construction, would recommend to other chicken owners.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Set of 5

The reviewer has 10+ Mixed pets

Extra door ? Yes please! - Andrew, Hampshire,

We bought and fitted the first extra door about 5 weeks ago but have yet to fit the second one purchased . An ideal method of accessing the hens to feed, water or just physically move them, without compromising the inherent security afforded by the Omlet base. Not difficult to fit and well designed and easy to operate
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit

The reviewer has 2-4 Hens pets

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