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Verified Reviews for Waterer for Eglu Go - Leaf Green

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Works so well with the run - Hannah, Middlesex,

My rabbit drinks from a bowl but recently has been purposely tipping it as soon as I refill it so I needed something that could attach to the run. This is huge and fits so well on the run. Now I know she has plenty of water even on hot days and she can’t tip it out!

The reviewer has 1 Holland Lop pets

Great for colder weather - An Omleteer, Middlesex,

I have the Cube, but the waterer that comes with the Cube has the handle in the middle. Which is great. Except for when the water freezes and I can't get the block of ice out. So I bought this one because it doesn't have a handle and I can easily knock out the block of ice. I like the handle on the Cube for warmer weather, but this one is so much easier in winter. I love how strong the plastic is in these waterers. They have withstood a LOT of me stomping on the bottom with my boot heel to get the ice to break loose.

The reviewer has 4-6 pets