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Verified Reviews for White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

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Love it!! - Sarah,

My hamster loves her cage and it looks so nice in my living room. I was able to build it all by myself with no issues! I’ve had so many comments on it already!

The reviewer has 1 Russian Dwarf /Djung pets

I love this cage - Elena,

The package arrived on time and well packaged. I am not good at assembly furniture, and I definitely struggle with this one... but it was worth it. The cage is sturdy, it looks like a piece of furniture and it blends perfectly in my house. I love the storage below, I keep all the hamster food / beeding and cleaning products in there. Very easy to clean thanks to the trays. The wheel is on the silent side, but you will hear something at night time :)

The reviewer has 1 Syrian hamster pets

The best cage! - Dane,

We love this cage, it looks like a piece of furniture and goes well with our mid-century decor. I love the storage below and our hamster quickly figured out how to get from top to bottom. Would definitely recommend!

The reviewer has 1 pets

Works amazing! - Jane,

I got this item 2 years ago and since then have purchased 2 more! I am so glad that I did. Overall I like this product and highly recommend it.

The reviewer has 10+ Syrian pets

Best gerbil cage EVER! - Ashly, North Carolina,

This cage is very well thought out and everything is smartly done. I am very impressed! Definitely worth the money. I put it together solo, and it didn’t take very long, around a hour (I’m not good at this kinda stuff either). Our gerbil is so much happier now that he can burrow, unlike in his last cage. I would highly recommend this to my friends/family :)

The reviewer has 1 Gerbil- found at loc pets

Yet to open - An Omleteer,

We got this for my daughter for Christmas. She’s been holding off getting another hamster for a few years since losing her best friend nibbles. We decided to get her a huge set up as a Christmas present and can’t wait to see her face. (She loves animals and has been desperately saving her pocket money to get herself another hamster, animals aren’t just for Christmas in this household) Delivery was super quick and arrive before expected delivery date. Can’t wait to see it! Happy to spend out on something that is great quality rather than a small cage.

The reviewer has 1 Getting a Syrian Ham pets

All in one - Sam, Michigan,

This is a wonderful habitat for our little hammy. There’s no concern about our dwarf hamster escaping. He will occasionally climb the bars. I am a little concerned about his feet falling through the flooring wires, but so far it’s not a big issue. The storage space is great and the accessories are quality. The assembly is more labor intensive than it appears, but it’s pretty straightforward. We haven’t done our first clean yet, the bottom bin will be easy, but I’m concerned the top section will be a bit laborious. Our hamster likes to poop on the top level and it’s quite messy. Overall, my kids love it!

The reviewer has 1 Djungarian pets

Great all round product - Jon,

We bought the product for our daughters gerbils and are delighted with it, good quality and cleverly built making cleaning easy.

The reviewer has 2-4 Gerbils pets

Perfect - William,

It looks great and does the job, hamster seems happy in new home

The reviewer has 1 Syrian Hamster pets

Really pleased - Tracy,

I bought this two weeks ago and we are really pleased with it. Not only does it look pleasing to the eye as blends in with my daughters bedroom furniture, but it provides a great home for the hamster. Our hamster loves burrowing through the deep bedding downstairs and the wheel upstairs is completely silent . Very happy with our purchase.

The reviewer has 1 Sirian hamster pets

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