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Verified Reviews for White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

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The best way to have a hamster - Julie,

Great way to take away all the aches, pains and smells of hamster-ownership. Easy for young owners, nice looking for adults who don't want a hamster cage to overtake their house. Easy to clean, so smells are not an issue.

The reviewer has 2-4 Robo dwarf hamsers pets

Absolutely amazing - Matt,

I’ve had this about two months, the build quality and overall design is incredible. It looks great with our IKEA furniture and the functionality is perfect. My only complaint was during assembly, it was very difficult to assemble one person just by the fasteners being used.

The reviewer has 1 pets

Great cage! - Spring,

Easy assembly and cleaning, looks great, and my Syrian hamster loves it. Took him a day to understand the tube, but he got it. Highly recommend! So much easier to maintain than an aquarium or other hamster cages we've had.

The reviewer has 1 Syrian hamster pets

Great quality - Karen,

Wonderful design. Very easy to clean. It is very sturdy and well built. Love this product!! My only improvement would be to have a larger option. This does not meet the minimum size requirement for a hamster. Although just about no hamster cage sold in a pet store does. Most concerned hamster owners make their own to allow for enough space. Also I would love to see a plastic shelf in one corner of the bottom level to keep litter down so a water bottle could be put in. ( without this shelf the litter will move and push up on water bottle making it leak. ) If your hamster is not feeling well it would be difficult for him to get water on top level just for a drink. The tube is slightly wide for a dwarf.

The reviewer has 1 Winter white dwarf h pets

Looks great - Brian,

Had this for a few weeks and it has been excellent. Well made, looks good and easy to clean. Had a small issue with damage during delivery and it was sore yes quickly with no fuss. Great service!

The reviewer has 1 Syrian pets

Best hamster cage option available! - Deb,

Ease of care, cage offers healthy and safe environment, wanted to be able to include fun, climbing, foraging, digging equipment. I removed the legs of the unit in order to place the cage on a silicon non-slip pad on top of a “printer table” with wheels. I can move the unit out for cleaning, etc.

The reviewer has 1 Syrian pets

Gerbil mom - Karen,

Very happy with the style, ease and functionality of the enclosure. I have 3 gerbils in the enclosure. The bottom tank is easily removed so I can transport Java, Myrtle, and Shirly to the large 50 gallon tank play pen on a regular basis. The Qute makes Gerbil husbandry very easy. Ideal for pairing because of the separate barrier. (only temporary not more than a week with regular play pen activity) I may transfer Qute to my office as a social worker in a hospital . The enclosure is stylish enough for a professional setting. Pet therapy is good medicine.

The reviewer has 2-4 Gerbil pets

Looks great but not big enough - Vicki,

I bought this but unfortunately wasn't big enough for two gerbils they also couldn't get up the tube so had to move them to a more traditional cage, looks great just not so practical

The reviewer has 2-4 Gerbil pets

Lovely cage - Joe,

This cage is lovely! It looks nice and our gerbils are very happy in it. It's easy to clean and we take the bottom section out everyday so the children can interact with the gerbils and its easy to out back in.

The reviewer has 2-4 Gerbils pets

Lovely cage - Gillian,

We have a couple of gerbils and they love it. Looks lovely in my daughters room and great storage underneath for all the food etc. Looks modern and is sturdy and solid. Worth the money !

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