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Verified Reviews for Zippi Rabbit Shelter with Play Tunnel Twin Pack - green and purple

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Happy customer - Debra,

My bunnies love shelter and tunnel, I think it gives them a sense of being in a burrow. I have seen far more binkies since buying them ????

The reviewer has 2-4 Mixed pets

Rabbits love it!!! - Lenny,

Soon as it arrives and our rabbits had the pleasure of using the hideaway ams tunnel they loved it. Running though non stop, and providing great shelter when they want it. It was really easy to assemble as well, and easy to clean. Fantastic product.

The reviewer has 2-4 Rabbit pets

Our bunny loves it! - Rachel,

This is a really good bit of kit for anyone that keeps rabbits. It’s sturdy and can cope with being chewed or scratched at. I would happily recommend.

The reviewer has 1 Miniature lop pets

Best money I’ve spent - Julie,

My rabbit loves both the shelter (which he snoozes in) and both tunnels (which he loves running through). Very well made products. Easy to clean, chew proof and sturdy. Best product I’ve bought for my bunny and great value for the money.

The reviewer has 1 Mini lop pets

Great product - Laura,

Great product - our buns love it. Very well made

Great purchase - Sue,

I don't believe in hutches. So my 2 Furbabies have an enclosure and large walk in run. This tunnel is in the run. They both absolutely love it. From running through it to jumping on top. They both also love to snuggle together inside the box section

- Burdis,

Excellent product!! Superb quality and above all my bunnies love them!! Highly recommend!

He loves it - Claire,

Took a chance buying this as my rabbit can be a bit fussy and ignore most things I buy for him but this has been worth every penny. He goes through it, over the top, on the top, it’s his favourite place to be

Zippi Shelter with Tunnels for the Win !! - April,

My bunnies love their Zippi Shelter and tunnels they have so much fun chasing each other through the tunnels and resting in the shelter . Currently it is in the house for the winter in the spring it will be great to put in their bunny yard.

Great product for happy bunnies - Rona,

My rabbits love running through the tunnels and resting in the shelters. The hoops for the ends of the tunnels really do seem to deter the rabbits from chewing them.

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