Qute is a brand new, beautiful and easy to clean pet house. Designed like a piece of contemporary furniture, it will look stylish in any room and you can finally have an indoor pet house that you will be proud of.

The 1-Minute-Clean
Cleaning your Qute couldn't be easier! Qute has two compartments: a deep bedding tray (which you can fill with any suitable material) and an upper floor. Your pets can move between them using the integrated tube and when you want to clean the bedding tray you can stow your pets upstairs. Simply lock your pets in the upstairs compartment using the Lift ’n’ Twist tube, then you can empty the bedding tray into the bin, wipe the tray clean with a pet safe disinfectant and refill with fresh bedding. We have timed it and the whole job can be completed in less than a minute - hence we call it the 1-minute-clean.

Playful and Fun
The large deep bedding tray is clear and flat so it is easy to see your little furry friends going about their daily lives. You can watch your pets building nests, digging holes, running up and down the tube, using the wheel and generally being cute and fluffy.

Handle your Pets Easily
Qute makes it really easy to spend time with and play with your pets. The Lift ‘N’ Twist tube allows you to simply lock the pets either upstairs or downstairs making it really easy to catch them. You can then use the bedding tray as a mobile play station, moving it from room to room with you.

Deep Bedding and Draft Free Ventilation
Qute has a super deep bedding tray which minimises the amount of nesting material that your pets will kick out of the tray. It also allows you to create a deep bedding area for your pets to burrow, nest and play in. The mesh area at the top gives your pets plenty of fresh air keeping them healthy and happy.

Storage for Food and Bedding
The storage compartment keeps food and bedding tidy and conveniently right where you need it.

Complete Package
Your Qute comes with a feed bowl, a water bottle, cut out cardboard toys and a wheel. Your pets can use the exercise wheel to stretch their legs and keep in shape. However, exercise can get addictive so it's important to regulate use of the wheel for no more than 1 hour per day.

Safe and Secure
Qute is designed to keep your pets safe and secure from other household pets including cats or dogs. The bedding tray has a secure lock on the underside which is easy for children to use. The wire floor is suitable for Syrian Hamsters and Gerbils, but if you want to keep mice and dwarf hamsters you will need the solid floor version of Qute which will be available soon.

Take everything to pieces
Occasionally you will want to give your Qute a really deep clean. You can do this by releasing the front wire panel and removing the floor, tube, wheel and food and water containers. You can keep your pets in the bedding tray while you do this, just remember to flip the front mesh panel back to prevent them from climbing out.

Dimensions: 82cm height x 48cm width x 37cm depth.

Please note this will arrive flat-packed and will need assembling.

You can find the instructions for the Qute with Storage by clicking here

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 18.758 kg

Height: 31 cm

Width: 48 cm

Length: 76 cm

Latest Product Reviews For Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

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Finally found! - Connecticut,

I bought this a little while ago because I was on my second cage for my teddy bear hamster. Both old cages seemed too small for him, and he never really liked his wheel or his bedding for some reason. We also had trouble with his smell because he chose to sleep and do his business in a little area. You could tell he wasn’t happy. After moving him in to this one, he has been using his née wheel everyday, he loves going up and down his tube, and the smell is no longer a problem. This is easy to clean and easy to maintain. I personally enjoyed putting it together and didn’t find it difficult at all. I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a habitat for their hamster. It’s perfect size for my teddy bear hamster.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 1 Teddy Bear Hamster pets

Our gerbil LOVES this cage! So do we! Win-Win! -

Our gerbil Nugget is having so much fun with a bin of deep shavings and hay to tunnel in, and a tower to climb up for food and her wheel. We can see her so much better now and this cage looks like a piece of furniture. And it is SO easy to clean. The only complaint I have is that the water bottle leaks a LOT. It actually empties out. We put a small dish under it so it wouldn't leak down into the shavings area, which you definitely don't want to get wet. Finally we had to get a different water bottle. Omlet's next task should be to make a leakproof water bottle. We aren't disappointed and felt that while expensive, this was overall well worth the cost.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 1 Gerbilt pets

Gerbil cage -

This is so much better looking than any other tiny animal cage on the market— very attractive. We like the under-drawer for storing food and toys for our gerbils.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020


Quick shipping and excellent packaging. The video tutorial is a must in assembling. The material and attachments are very well made and will be very easy to maintain. We are very happy with our purchase and so is our hamster ????

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Awesome! - Virginia,

So we transitioned to this cage for our two gerbils because our former cage was massive and bulky and made it difficult to access the gerbils (it was a large wire cage with a deep plastic basin). THIS IS SUCH AN IMPROVEMENT. I literally never write reviews, but I am so impressed with this product. I thought it might be too small for our two gerbils (since gerbils are larger than hamsters), but I think the double story combined with the tube and the deep bottom for lots of paper bedding makes it more fun for them. It took a while for one of our gerbils to learn how to go up the tube, but he figured it out within 24 hours. The pluses are myriad in comparison to our former cage: (1) You can handle and play with the gerbils easily when they are on either level; (2) Spot cleaning every morning is an absolute breeze; (3) Because the bottom is clear plastic, you can actually see the gerbils tunneling which is so fun to watch; (4) The cage looks like a piece of furniture and doesn’t let all the bedding and poop fly out everywhere; (5) It has withstood the, um, attentions of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and kept the gerbils safe (he’s getting better); (6) The wheel is plenty big enough (I thought it looked small but I was wrong); and (7) The storage space—though very small—is handy. The price is so reasonable, and it’s been a great purchase for us.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020