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Fabric Outdoor Cat Shelf - Daisy White (pack of 2)

by Omlet

Pack of 2

Now your cat can lounge in the sunshine, or watch their surroundings from up high, with the comfortable and stylish fabric outdoor cat shelves in Daisy White from Omlet, designed to be easy to attach to the Omlet Outdoor Cat Run or Cat Balcony Enclosure in just minutes.

The durable outdoor cat shelf has small drainage holes in the strong weatherproof fabric, so your cat can enjoy lounging in their favorite spot every day of the year. Position at angles to form a ramp or staggered heights to create steps up the side of the run and transform your feline friend’s Catio for even more fun and relaxation come rain or shine.

Available in Daisy White, Disco Red or Boogie Blue.

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 1.078 kg

Height: 6 cm

Width: 37 cm

Length: 93 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

93cm x 37cm x 28cm
Frame & Brackets: Mild Steel Wire
Fabric: Polyester with Waterproof Polyurethane Coating
Wipe with a damp cloth and soap if necessary.
2 x Fabric Cat Shelf (with fixings and instruction manual)
The fabric cat shelf is suitable for cats up to 5kg.

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Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 6464341104.

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cats seem to like them - Stephanie, Northants,

Bought these to give my 'indoor' cats a little more choice of sitting or lying in the enclosure, and so that they had different ways of accessing the cat tree platforms, they took to them immediately, and were very easy to install

The reviewer has 2-4 cats pets

Omlet catio shelves - Judith, Northants,

Bought a pack of two shelves to go into an existing catio bought last year. My cat loves them. Excellent quality and so easy to assemble.

The reviewer has 1 Ragdoll pets

Cat's delighted - Eleanor, Northants,

Belated Xmas present for my cat. She's always loved her catio. I do too - has meant I no longer have to spend hrs trailing around after her on the end of here lead, or listening to her constant howling to go out. Now, rather than spend a while going around garden on lead, she asks to go straight in the catio. She loves the shelf (one in place so far, waiting to see which would be best location for the second), where she can tower over her many visiting cat-friends, demonstrating her superiority over the world. It is quite a game and life changer, and for little financial outlay. I'd been thinking of how an outdoor cat-tree could be made, now no need. Her cat-friends are jealous, have pooped in for a look, and have lots if nose-rubs with her at the walls of the cation. Love it Omelet, Gringo de Paris loves it, and we both love all your cat-products. Well done Omlet!

The reviewer has 1 Who knows? pets

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