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great egg storage from Omlet - Gill,

I love this - sometimes the eggs do need a nudge at the corner but in general works really well and looks great. Think I might have to get another one.....

Disappointed - Sue,

Design idea is good but found that as eggs are often a different size they don't store so safely on rack or roll down without help

pleased - Jane,

this is so much easier for ensuring eggs are eaten in order of when laid. Fits in my fridge. Eggs need a nudge to roll around the bend but would recommend.

Great Egg Ramp - Claire,

I already have a blue ramp, and bought the cream one for my sister who has just got her first hens. It perfect for maintaining stock rotation, and is a great design.

Well made. Expensive - Terry,

I received this a a free gift. Beautifully designed and the functionality is very well thought out. Rather expensive though at £15

Looks lovely in my kitchen and practical - Clare, Greater London ,

Love it, only issue was it that the sticker is really difficult to get off, still got sticky residue left on ramp. But I bought a yellow ramp for a friend last week and the info was on a removable piece of card rather than a sticker, so maybe I'm not the first to complain and you have changed the packaging design.

Great Product - Adam,

Gave this to my mum as a Christmas present, she loved it and works great. Would recommend for anyone who wants somewhere to keep eggs.

Red Egg ramp - Christine, London,

All dealings with this company have been very satisfactory. The egg ramp is lovely but unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, my eggs are too large for the medium size and do not turn the corner. I should have got the larger size or get smaller chook! I did not realize how large their eggs would be.

Great product - Cath,

A really useful product. Stylish and great for organising eggs in date order.

Great - Tina,

Really nice product. Looks great, not 'plasticky' at all. Don't expect all eggs to be able to go round the corner on their own, but that does not make us any less pleased with it.

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