Egg Ramp

Bring your kitchen to life with the Egg Ramp™, a stylish new way to store eggs and keep them in date order. Available in 4 great colours to suit any kitchen.

Egg Ramp black melamine egg storage holder in kitchen
Egg Ramp black melamine egg storage holder in kitchen
Red Egg Ramp egg holder on kitchen side
Red Egg Ramp egg holder on kitchen side


How to use The Egg Ramp™ to keep your eggs in date order.

Every time your hens lay a lovely egg, simply add it to the shiny melamine Egg Ramp™. When it comes to using them, always use the one at the front first, which will be the oldest - no more guesswork. At only 15cm deep it looks sleek and it won't take up much space on your worktop. There are four colours to choose from so you can be sure to find one that will suit your kitchen, and your personality, perfectly!

The Egg Ramp™ holding 12 eggs.

The Egg Ramp™ can hold up to 12 medium chicken eggs. If your hens eggs are a bit bigger or smaller it doesn't matter, the Egg Ramp™ can handle them!

The gap between the sides is 3cm, so unless your eggs are the size of Maltesers they won't fall through, making the Egg Ramp™ ideal for bantam eggs as well! You will of course be able to store lots more than 12 of them...pretty hendy if you have a whole flock in your garden!

So, the question is...which colour will you choose?

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pleased - Jane, 9 June 2015

this is so much easier for ensuring eggs are eaten in order of when laid. Fits in my fridge. Eggs need a nudge to roll around the bend but would recommend.

Great Egg Ramp - Claire, 23 February 2015

I already have a blue ramp, and bought the cream one for my sister who has just got her first hens. It perfect for maintaining stock rotation, and is a great design.

Well made. Expensive - Terry, 3 February 2015

I received this a a free gift. Beautifully designed and the functionality is very well thought out. Rather expensive though at £15

Looks lovely in my kitchen and practical - Clare, 19 January 2015

Love it, only issue was it that the sticker is really difficult to get off, still got sticky residue left on ramp. But I bought a yellow ramp for a friend last week and the info was on a removable piece of card rather than a sticker, so maybe I'm not the first to complain and you have changed the packaging design.

Great Product - Adam, 17 January 2015

Gave this to my mum as a Christmas present, she loved it and works great. Would recommend for anyone who wants somewhere to keep eggs.

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