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Great way to store eggs in refrigerated as they should be. - Michelle,

The storage is art as well. Great way to keep track of which to use first. They do sometimes get turned around and impair the slide down the spiral. If anyone has a trick tonthatvwoukd love to know.

Egg Skelter 24 - Jenny,

Perfect ,I now know which eggs to use first ,it takes the eggs from my large hens and all but the smallest from my bantams . Just what I wanted .

Eggcellent skelter - Marie,

Love it, although I would have preferred more colours!

- Melissa,

Exactly as described! Love it!

Beautiful, mostly functional - Sarah,

I love the way the skelter holds my eggs and displays them!!! It doesn't roll quite as nicely as I had hoped when using an egg or two from the bottom. I usually have to help a couple get turned and started rolling periodically up to the top. However, I still love it and recommend it. Irma a beautiful addition to my kitchen.

Egg Skelter 24 - Silver Grey For Small To Medium Eggs - Brian,

Great item does what it says on the tin Highly recommended.

Very Innovative Product - Melva,

I have found the 24 red Omlet as handy as your ads said it would be. Our three hens (Hi liners) lay practically every day and as they are large eggs my husband had to bend the stand to make it a little wider to take larger eggs, but it was very easy to do and now it works perfectly and we know “EGGzactly” how fresh each egg will be. It is a very innovative product and I have had quite a few comments regarding this clever little stand.

helter skelter egg holder - Heather,

Excellent couldn't fault it. Looks wonderful on my kitchen windowsill.

Review of egg skelter - Sean,

Another excellent product from Omlet, an attractive and practical way to store eggs.

Brilliant Item - Brenda,

it is brilliant - perfect for managing the oldest to newest eggs and it looks amazing in my newly renovated vintage pantry - I love it i looks ace and works brilliantly

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