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Good product - Michele, LA,

I love the idea of this concept, and it looks great on my counter. As eggs are not exactly round, they do not roll down easily and need a little assistance, but it still works well.

Egg Skelter for Medium to Large Eggs - John,

A robust holder for storage of eggs at room temperature on a kitchen worktop. The skelter holds two dozen large eggs from my Beechwood Blue hybrids. Eggs may be conveniently be rolled in from the top of the skelter and picked up from the rail at the bottom. The eggs do not wobble in storage or selection and are conveniently held in order of loading (Therefore in order of being laid and transferred indoors). Never had a problem with eggs dislodging or jamming (unlike a cheaper, steeper, similar product sold at some North Wales farm shops)

Cream Egg Skelter - Catherine,

I purchased the egg skelter as a gift for my Mum and Dad. They are absolutely in love with it and even 'the girls' (chickens) have started laying more to fill it up. Great service and a great product!

Egg skelter - Marion,

It's great for keeping the eggs in date order and stylish as well. A welcome addition to my new kitchen . An excellent omlet product as usual. ,

Very pleased - Amanda,

It has been a good investment as it does hold a large amount of eggs and also keep them in collection order. The only down side is that the eggs mostly need to be manually moved along the spiral (not big thing though).

Fantastic Product - Heide,

Given to my daughter in law who has chickens as a present - She loves the look of it in her kitchen and she likes the practicality of it all. Lovely change from the proverbial chicken shaped wire basket!

excellent - Sue,

playful, cool and very practical way of managing eggs!

Excellent way to store eggs - Caroline,

This purchase was to give as a present. We have owned one for some time and love it.

love the idea - Ian,

Brilliant design idea, however eggs tend to spin round ending up lengthwise. My chickens produce good sized eggs, so is this caused by dim between wire rails being too small?

Egg skelter for small to med eggs - Herron,

delivery was prompt, product looks good and is so simple to use. What a great way to store eggs.

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