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The Ultimate Layer Bundle is ideal for anyone who has laying hens! The bundle combines enriching nesting herbs with laying aids such as oyster shell and omega-3 and there's even a basket to collect your freshly laid eggs and cleanser to bring out their natural beauty. You will receive:

Organic Nesting Herbs 4 oz
The all natural Organic Nesting Herbs support a better environment for a flock to thrive with each herb selected for its beneficial approach to creating a better atmosphere for laying hens to produce eggs.

Manna Pro Oyster Shell 5 lbs
Manna Pro Oyster Shell provides a rich source of calcium that helps to build strong eggshells. Laying hens require extra calcium when producing egg shells and Oyster Shell is preferred by many backyard flock owners as a great way of providing the boost they need.

Durvet Layer Boost with Omega-3 100gm
Durvet Layer Boost with Omega-3 contains a source of marigold and vitamin D3 for layer chickens. The all-natural, antibiotic-free, soluble powder is specially formulated with a blend of vitamins, electrolytes and enzymes for daily use with layer chickens.

Little Giant Egg Basket
The Little Giant Egg Basket allows for easy cooling, washing and quick drying of eggs. It is made from a heavy-duty coated wire which protects from corrosion and the basket can hold up to 3 dozen large eggs.

Manna Pro Egg Cleanser 16 oz
Manna Pro Egg Cleanser contains a blend of all-natural enzymes to help bring out the natural beauty of eggs by safely and gently removing common stains, residues and contaminants.

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